Why was my file rejected?

This is a vector file I submitted which got rejected. Can u please let me the know the reason for the same.

Thank you.

Too basic and easy to find similar for free online whilst also lacking premium quality or choice


hi I am sorry to tell u just this but your illustrations , at the moment , actually look much more like icons and posting in the wrong category , here , basically means “hard rejection”. There is also a lack of details for the item to look like a credible illustration , at this stage , u only have silhouettes of the pumpkin and not the way they should normally look like , with the associated relief due to different parts of the pumpkin. In addition, the “orange teeth” version looks pretty unrealistic , which does not help to generate interest from people if u ask me

But there are many such in vector category. I can share links to some of really basic illustrations out there, but I am not sure if I can do it here. They are completely flat. I do have a gradient. My idea was to have a simple design. What should I do?

look, u can find all sorts of things that may justify an alleged approval but the fact of the matter is that your item was rejected and this is all that matters in the end. Of course, no one can tell u for sure and very accurately why the item was rejected as only the person who did, actually knows without the shadow of a doubt. I just try to use my rather long personal experience to tell u how to improve the item. U are free to use or consider or not to do ,this is fine, I just try to help. However , what I wanted to emphasize all the same , this is that a lot of people want to create something “simple” but out of convenience. Now, just try to put yourself in the buyer’s seat or a reviewer’s position for a while … why would a buyer buy something that they can get easily for free in the internet and that is offering, as far as your item goes , at the moment, no extra value, and that is not making him or her save time (I do not believe that someone knowing how to use tools would spend more than half a hour to redo the whole set …) or does not really enable them to get a product of a quality beyond what they could do on their own? in the same extent , why would a reviewer approve something that may be identified as having a low commercial potential and that has very little chance to sell? lots of guys want to do something “simple” not to put too much into it but the reality is that very often they just come up with something that has been done a thousands times beforehand and thus that has no interest whatsoever. What a lot of guys have to take for granted is this: this is not a get-rich-quick place here, u gave to earn your stripes and pay your dues so that the market gets to know u and that “this is working a bit” … u cannot come with whatever u want or have in stock , sell and make tons of money after spending a rather limited time in the product, this is not how this is working. This is not 2009 and anymore. Lots of guys spend very significant time, sometimes even days in what they do and they get their items binned , so u cannot expect having a very simple item and necessarily have it approved and making it for sale … this is very unlikely , if u know what I mean. As a conclusion, here what I would recommend indeed, instead of comparing with some items that made it even they should not have done, just invest time, bring something really worked out and unique to the table , take into account that details matter and push the envelope so that ultimately u upload that there is no way this is possible to consider rejecting the item , this is the best thing that u could do … good work and good luck :slight_smile: