quality standard required

i don’t really know what the problem is for the rejection !!!

PS: i upload design in other platform and it accept so i relly dont know why it rejection.

please help me to avoid that again i face this problem a lot.
thanks all

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You are an exclusive author, you can’t sell the same items on the Envato and on the other platforms.

yes i upload it after i get rejected in her, so that is not the problem

I don’t understand what is it. A flyer? A Vector? An Illustration?

it is illustration for scarecrow

lol wow ! sorry buddy, this is the first thinking that came to my mind and i wrote it down … the fact of the matter is that this is a sad thing for me to think about that u have a really cool character , not perfect but cool and unique, most importantly and that u ruined it all with a combination of inappropriate combinations … indeed, the yellow color like this , u need to put your goggles on in roder to be able to look at the screen … this is not only agressive and i tried to find a funny way to tell u about it , but in addition, this is diverting people’s attention from the main item , that is to say the character … not to mention that the concerned background in fact has no interest whatsoever as there is nothing but a simple plain gradient , if u had had a whole scenery behind, maybe the story would have been different , but here , the background is just taking out the impact away from the character … in addition, sorry to tell u the ugly truth like this , but the typo is miles away from GR standards … here are expecting to have variations, font combinations, touches of originality and everything looking perfectly harmonious and efficient , and this is clearly not what u have at the moment … the typo part is too simple in a way, and looks awkward or rushed to be honest … not to mention that the text content is no super readable to say the least … especially the black part … u also have a work to do as regard to shadowing, both on the character and the “ground” , i mean under the character … i guess u will identify what the question of @DesignSomething is all about, since , in most cases, especially if this is an illustration, there will be way more work to provide with when it comes to the background, same goes with the flyer , maybe the vector could be ok if u keep only the scarecrow … i am not even sure …

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well this is up to u , all the people who will do next time end up coming again with the very same mistakes … and rejected items … any hard rejection can be resubmitted if u bring “significant changes” to the item … now this is up to u, u feel satisfied with everything u did and try to justify anything, this is fine, so just go to submit this somewhere else and check how it goes …

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thank you a lote @n2n44 ,
yes i did and it make 2 sell for now , i just need to find the secret piece to get accept her hhh.
i justify but that not mean i will not try to involve your idea, i very appreciate it that you give me somme of your time and give me your note and advice.
thaank you.

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happy for u if this is working well , good luck then buddy

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thank you