Please need your help for a rejected item. I want to improve myself :)

Hi there !
I’m a beginner on Envato and I submited my first flyer, just for test. It was rejected for “quality standard required”, so I supposed that’s the first reason in the help article “Your submission doesn’t meet our quality requirements” (here) ?
And when I saw the number of rejections here I was thinking “Huuuu yeah, right, we are in trouble” :crazy_face: x)
Ok so I submited this, a flyer with a girl where you can change his outfits with layers. It’s fully illustrated and I was thinking that’s fun to dress the character on the flyer.
I don’t know if my flyer was rejeted for simply technical questions, or it doesn’t match to the visual line of Envato market’s flyers ('cause illustrations or whatever…)
In my opinion typography is too basic, but I don’t know…
I want to have your opinion, and if I edit it, can I submit it again ?

Thanks for your reviews :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Hi there:

Your flyer is too basic bad colors, typography ugly need improvements like professional but you can see for example other flyer approved on graphicriver but NOT copy design because if hard rejected.


Hi Jeri ! Thanks for your review !

That’s very nice to help the community ! I can see you are one of the regular who reply to this type of topic, and that’s really good. But copy and paste the same message for everyone is not the best way to help :confused: . In my case, I see what do you want to say (I think…), but I saw some topics where user didn’t even answer you. You can’t juste leave their a message like “Hi budy, your work is too bad and basic so good luck”. And…? If the work was rejected for “quality standard required”, yes the chance is that’s too bad and basic :sweat_smile:
Maybe you can develop your point of view. I think you have a lot to bring, but you do to enter to the details. Especially since you’re asking for in-depth help with your own work.
I repeat, that’s super cool to bring your help ! But some people who just need help may become discouraged.

So, I hope you considering positively my opinion :wink:

And if someone else want to leave a review I take it^^
Have a nice day ! :grin:

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