Envato quality standard required to move forward

hello, i have had two unsuccessful attempts to upload my designs and i would wish for someone to atleast help me understand what are the quality envato standards required in order to have your work, which you have designed with lots of dedication accepted

Uploading: 2g2.jpg…

If you need feedback about your rejected items, you should show them.

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do not worry people will not try to copy an item that was hard rejected lol kidding but as @romlam mentioned pls show us so that we can help u …

:joy::joy::rofl:nice one… on it, imagine i couldint find a way to attach images but let me see how it goes

just uploaded, kindly do help, any critic remarks are welcomed and highly applreciated

A lot of different elements. The composition is falling apart. No integrity. Colors are not attractive

Thanks for your feedback, so if you are to improve o that, what are some of the changes you would possibly recommend?

I already wrote what you can fix

lol but colors are the ones for st patrick , this is not his fault if u do not like them lol

well indeed, there are many things to fix about your item indeed. the central fonts are not maching much and the main one is indeed rather “common” for flyers, bringing some originality to the table would be a good thing if u ask me

the background, especially in the upper part is lacking graphic work , this is a bit too simple indeed and the two big stripes crossign the flyer in the back are not a good idea in my view

the global organization of texts is rather unbalanced and is following no logics, bth in terms of disposition and way they are flagged …

there is a mispelling at champagne amd the black color of the circle is really coming out of the blue

u have round and squared banners where texts are displayed and no harmony is coming out of it but rather unbalance once again …

u should drop some shadows in many spots so that the composition looks more realistic indeed

the splashes do not look much natural or realistic and do not make your flyer look more balanced or better looking in a general way , so are they really indispensable?

both the logo and the code look really too close from the edges and may either be cut with the trimline or prevent the document from “breathing”

You are right. But dirty shadows and dark tones of green color make the flyer a bit gloomy :four_leaf_clover:

yes as u were right about some of the things u said about the composition and i think this is pretty much the reason why he ends up with some things that u do not like too much visually speaking …
what he came up with slightly lacks refinement indeed and shadows, to be more efficient should be smoother in the end …

thanks for your feedback, i truly appreciate

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u are welcome