HELP! First Upload : "And unfortunately we found it isn't at the quality standard required to move forward."


We have completed our review of “Data Analysis Landing Page Illustration Vector” and unfortunately we found it isn’t at the quality standard required to move forward.

can you help me for sucessfull first time upload? preview-01 this image i use for preview JPG. thanks in advice. :slight_smile:


wow really? this is not quality enough, this?! lol as for me i think this is tasteful, harmonious and pro, though, yes, u may possibly improve the typo part and hierarchy issue by combining fonts a bit more and bringing more originality a bit, but, apart from this i do not see what could be the problem … i mean apart from the fake logo which is way too flat (but i hope this is not a reason for rejecting this type of work all the same)


thanks. bro.
is it possibly that rejecting file because of description, tags or something like that?

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hi as for i know, well this is not possible. It would be very strange that they just bin something that they might be interested in for technical reasons …


i dunno what is quality envato needs? :joy:


same goes with every one out here lol just do your best , put all what u have and if u d not make it u will have no regret as u will know u will have given more than one 100 % of yourself and did your best …


Design and illustration is great! :+1: I guess the reason is that it’s not useful for the client. I mean it’s just one picture and that’s all. If you made couple versions of pages, + a collection of useful graphic elements, some tables, some graphs, etc (and all this in your nice style), then I think this pack could be approved for sale. But now it’s only one picture


thanks bro


can you gimme the example the tables you mean?

“couple version of page”, can i upload at with 3 files (couple version)? because i always make 1 theme with 3 version (same style).


this is my logo circle design but it is rejected can anybody help me i m new here it is my first item plz


This is Graduation logo sent for approve can anybody help me will they approve ? if they reject this how can i improve it plz any brother help me Thanks


hi well indeed u may be right but if this is the real reason i tend to believe that this is sad that a quality thing like this had been hard rejected rather than soft rejected and that @yugeafrianto was not told what to do so that he can know how to get his item approved after fixing the supposed problem …


hi well , for me, the first one was hard rejected since i have seen exactly the same several times already … in addition, the typo os not impressive … the italic texts are very old practices in my view and there is no reason to justify it right here , not to mention that u have no tagline, when this is required here. So, wehn u put two on two together , not difficult to understand that your item did not make it for sale


for the graduation one the iljustration is super simpleand the typo need to be redone competely indeed, alignment is not ok, fonts are not combined and the global look simple and lacking originality if u ask me


Thank you dear brother can you help me which font is best for logo design and what to know while creating logo i mean let suppose it create a logo and its title is circle logo what should i write below your slogan goes here or tag line here or company name here etc can you tell me brother in step by step actually i m new and i live in a small village here no one knows about designing only i know and i m learning from YouTube teachers around the world


this is hard to tell u, u have to test … it really depends on the initial shape indeed


Hi, Romlan, is it possible that we can upload main file with several artboard? as your suggestion, i wanna make a couple landing page illustration with same theme, or i just make a couple just one artboard? thanks in advice


@romlam @n2n44
hi, im rejected again, what do u think, guys? is it too simple, or my preview is too bad? :smiley:


thank you :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Couple of new illustrations - it’s great, but this is still just a single page. You have not done anything that I advised you.

Imagine someone buying your item. Where can the buyer get the rest of the pages (“about us”, “support”, “contact”, page with a search results)? The buyer will have to hire a designer to create all these pages. So why should he buy your “home page” if he can initially hire a designer?
Sorry, but as for me, this item is not useful for a potential client. Try to put yourself in the buyer’s place to understand what would be useful for you to buy on this site.