We found it isn't at the quality standard required to move forward.

Hi everyone.

Please, can anyone say why my item receive this message? It was my first upload, What should i do to make it approved? Really need your help.
Is there any instruction what i didn’t follow ? Please suggest.
Thanks In Advance.

Should I upload the file ???
Anyone ? Please say something. TIA.

Hm, dony know what to say)) its different between good and not interesting for customers. Try to change 30-40% design: position, play with icons, font and back. :metal:

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Thanks Bro !
Is there any problem with “Information” file or “Read me” file ??

@neelesart Is there any away to direct communicate with you ???
I really need someone’s help. :frowning:

Problems with readme files and included groups in psd doesnot matter, they are watching on trends and styles of work. It can be simple with 3 layers approved and good work with a lot of working time spended to reject, hard reject)) When u have problem in readme or in layers they can “soft” reject ur work and u can reload new files. Just 50/50 to river its normal :smirk::metal:

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@neelesart Would you don’t mind can you please give a template ? Please Please Please !!!
May i allow to send my mail address here ??
Please send it to may mail.

Dude, i dont have visit cards templates for GR))