Unfortunately we found it isn't at the quality standard required to move forward?


This is my first upload and I’m unsure why this item was rejected. I wish there was more detail they would give .

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This design I love it but I think that you cann’t use images stcok because copyright author for so was hard rejected.

this flyer or other design?

Thanks for your appreciation and please let me know what can i replace with that stock image?

Flyer psd file

With respect it’s too basic:

  • design is not very modern

  • the foods which take up most of the design are just copy paste elements

  • the typography generally needs a lot of work

  • spacing and hierarchy esp in the food boxes

  • attention to detail like inconsistency with the size and alignment of badges/price circles and copy


hi, I am sorry but there are countless mistakes here … Let’s face it, the typo is very basic and does not particularly look good and clearly does not look original or outstanding in any way … Most of the things that need to be valued are not particularly valued and nothing really spring out of the design at first glance, while u should have a variety of the most important things being noticed instantly … I am also very surprised to have something about fresh market in grey color, for me there is a big discrepancy between theme and used colors, I would recommend that u inspire from color codes for activity , it would help to bring something more coherent to the table. Here there are lots of problems regarding basic design principles as well. Contrast is not great overall, and there are problems resulting from this when it comes to exposure, readability and others. Alignment seems really require a major improvement, as from where I sit, there are many things not being aligned properly. Spacing looks random, too. Pls let me remind u off the fact that a corporate item needs to be arranged perfectly, more than being creative indeed. The logo is not particularly emphasized , this is stuck too close from the margins and is not centered, nor is it popping out of the background due to the lack of contrast with the background. Besides, same goes with the main title. The main title loses exposure and impact for that matter by the way … Company related information look like secondary information and look rather lost. The picture of the model is not fitting the space this is associated with. Besides, apart from coming out of the blue, the stroke around the model does not look good , nor does it make sense, either. There is a complete lack of realism with the displaying products, there is no shadow anywhere , which flattens the whole template , if u ask me. The footer is too close from the bottom margin and apart from raising an issue of global organization, this is also making the contents down there “choke”, as well as it contributes to lower the impact of it in the process. U also have to identify that here much effort and focus is put in the typo, no matter where u are posting and no matter what is the type of design that u are creating and that, at this stage, your typo is too flat , too common. Finally there is not much work on the background and , in order to bring extra value, working more on it, would be a definitely good idea

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