Unfortunately we found it isn't at the quality standard required

Hi, I need help, I tried to insert the work but I was rejected … Can someone explain to me a little more what the problem is and where I’m wrong???
Thanks in advance

hi , indeed, i am sorry to tell u something like this but u are really really miles away from standards with what u have right now … the fact of the matter is that the item and presentation do not look good and are clearly not likely to push any one to buy or any reviewer to accept the item … U have some issues with the execution , globally, especially as regard to the tail of the hawk , where this is the most visible. But, to be honest , i better tell u honestly, there is no way u will ever have any item approved here with such a shadowing that looks very out of control indeed …, globally this is too massive and lacking finesse, and there is a big negative impact on the way your creation looks. Apart from this , one of the main issues that u have here is that this is impossible to get to know what the item is meant to. Indeed, if this is supposed to be a logo, then, the text part is lacking and there is no way u can have a logo accepted without the text part. Or, this is option 2, the thing is an illustration , well in this case, there is clearly no detail enough so that the item can possibly make it in anyway … last alternative, this is that the item is meant to be a silhouette, which is the most credible possibility if u ask me, then, i guess u have close to no chance that the item is approved unless u have a set of birds, animals or whatever … Indeed, as i have trouble to determine what the item supposed to b all about, i have trouble to identify what the “soko” word is but if the logo is meant to be a logo, u will have tons of efforts to do when it comes to typo so that u can reach the standard here where expectations are high in terms of typo … If so u are also violating a basic design principle (contrast) that is bringing u to be confronted with additional troubles in a snowball effect as the lack of contrast means issues of readability, hierarchy and so on … not to mention that for a logo, placing the text on the silhouette is pretty much of a bad idea. In a nutshell the text is really misplaced and u would also be expected to bring more variations, more font combinations, more touches of originality , and globally more relief to the typo part once u have repositioned the text

This is wrong on every aspect. I cannot identify any good parts. Sorry to say but this has nothing related with graphic design. Basically, you broke all design rules and principles at once. The only advice I can give you is to invest in learning.

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Thank you for the answer, I tried this something but honestly I don’t even know what I was doing in the illustrator after a real bird called Soko…This was done quickly, but I’m really glad that someone explained to me a little more closely what exactly and how … I’ve had attempts to insert something before, but I’ll try well and I’ll try until I learn how and what

hi indeed this is a positive attitude that u have here , the fact of the matter is however is that your items are far from standards at the stage but nothing is inevitable and with dedication, hard work and so on, at a time everything will be ok :slight_smile: For the st georges logo, the silhouette is rather cool - even if this can still be improved a bit execution wise out of trying to get rid of few not really accurate part of the drawing, like the tail of the horse - but the thing is that , if this is supposed to be a logo, the text is definitely not properly positioned accordingly, indeed, and hierarchy wise ,as well. What u have here makes very little sense as this is hard to identify why “st” is prevailing over the rest, especially “george” why texts are not right next to the tillustration or under but rightfully positioned . The contrast is not ok, u are not completely violating it but this is not satisfying either. People will expect the name of a logo to spring out much much more, to get the proper attention, for branding matters, in particular. The circle around the knight is of no use and actually does not bring anything to the table visually speaking or in terms of coherence / harmony. I assume that u have to figure out that a logo basically means that both the illustration and text parts are meant to make a whole and that this harmony requires to find thing in the same style, common colors and so on

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