Item isn't at the quality standard required

More than 1 year I am here…!! but unfortunately can’t approve any kind of project… Can anyone give me some tips…


How & In which way I should submit my projects…
Thank you !!!

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With respect this has a lot of issues with design basics in particular typography (hierarchy, consistency, etc.), alignment, spacing and margins (just look at the footer sections).

this is one of the most competitive categories on the marketplace and any new design has got to be pixel perfect

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Many many thanks for the reply…!!. I was not so sure the problem is actually with my design not with the file I uploaded, coz I haven’t submitted any HTML description for my project. please do me a favor share a good and quality standard flyer link I can understand you better.

Is HTML description must need… i submitted simple text everytime…!! Does it cause the file to reject?

No it would not be relevant.

your issue here is design quality bit the submission itself

Just search Graphicriver flyers set by most sold in the right category

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hi indeed, there is smooch to say that i do not know much where to start with indeed
so let’s try tp start from the begnning …
1- general style
well i m sorry to say something like this, nothing personal of course, but the bottom line is that the item is very simple to say the least , far too much , if u ask me … see point 2 and 3
also there is close to almost no graphic design here and i recommend that u push the envelope as regard to this point
2- low commercial potential
this is also explaining why reviewers may not let your item go … if they estimate that the item is not having a cool potential enough - in other words, that the thing has very little chance to sell - they do not let it go and in a way this is legitimate with the saturated market indeed … besides, what is necessary to add about this item, this is that anyone who has a bit knowledge about tools cam easily and quickly redo it and why would people buy if they do not really save time by buying? they would choose to redo if “they really like” …
3- originality required
actually with a saturated market like this one, u have to try to do your best to bring something mew to the table somehow some way , but , honestly , in this case , i do not manage to identify what this is …
4- typo
well , at th moment, the thing is very far away from the very expectation that people have here in terms of typo … what u have not only looks old and disconnected from target and theme, but in addition, makes little sense when it comes to the pairings that u have selected , since they do not match well … variations, working font combinations, touches of originality is definitely what u need …
5- hierarchy of information
well this is clearly partly resulting from the flat typo that u have, indeed, the hierarchy is limited , everything looks flat and u need to introduce more relief … variations and font combos will help , undeniably …
6- fake logo
well i recommend u to work on a decent professional looking one that will take your preview to the next level rather than reinforce people’s idea that the thing is too flat indeed …
7 - divider
why putting a divider that is only half the size of the blocks of text?
8- coherence and harmony
first of all why playing with the shape of a logo which is supposed to be replaced anyways? then if u do all the same, why having very straight “partitioners” rather curvy one like in the logo , this is a harmony killer
9- picture
sorry , man … but the picture is dull … this is not expressive this does not look human at all …
10- colors
well if they are fair , the problem is that we see this over and over and over again in the corporate section …


Thanks for both of your complete explanation.
I will try to pay attention to all these points in the next submission.

well it depends on u … but my experience is that all guys who say it, next time come up with another rejected item and the very same mistakes being made … though , if u are really so sure that u can do this , pls do as u please :slight_smile:

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I guess you flyer is too simple and generic. Imagine this, there are 104,200+ Flyer Templates already in GraphicRiver. Your design looks like a bunch of flyers in the market, even if they approve your design, it won’t get much attention to buyers to be honest.

Make it UNIQUE! Study how it can stand out from other flyers. Put yourself into buyers position, would you purchase that flyer you designed? Good luck!

this is globally a good piece of advice my friend but the thing is that , sometimes, out of trying to stick to “what people want” - notion which is hard to define indeed - the designer may lose himself and his style and may miss a niche too …

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hi I am uploaded 192 design and now I am forget designing last 3 years because within last 3 years no one approved my any designs. I don’t know that’s going on here.
thank you

lol are u aware that more and more people are posting and that a quality control is necessary? and that the more items u have in the catalogue and the more u have guys in town the more standards are going to raise?