I wanted to learn how to make good flyer, I was rejected from the graphicriver

Hi everyone, I am new on graphicriver. I have uploaded 3 items and all of them have been rejected. When I made the flyer design I was sure my item would pass and accepted by the graphicriver, haha. But, unfortunately I was rejected. My design is not on the graphicriver quality standard. So I visited this forum and got so much information about why your brochure was rejected, such as lack of originality, typographic hierarchy, general style, and much more. But I need advice from all of you, especially experts in this category about my work. Thank you :slight_smile:

Here is my work

  1. Bundle Flyer vol 1 (First Submit)

  2. Bundle Flyer vol 1 (First Submit)

  3. Second Submit

4.Bundle Flyer vol 2 (Third Submit)

5.Bundle Flyer vol 2 (Third Submit)

hi u should post one by one, putting several at a time make difficult to comment indeed
but as u did like this i will make a sum up for each …

flyer 1 + 2
u have contrast issues and thus readability problems in the process , a bit of a spacing and alignment trouble ghere and there

flyer 3
u have contrast and readability issues a bit. u need to have a bit more breathing on top and the bottom of the flyer and makes sure that spaces at the top and bottom of the flyer are the same and introducing a slightly bigger space between elements and margins on the left and right would make it even better

global style too flat and lacking some additional value , especially when it comes to originality. There are a good deal of saving issues especially in the footer area … the typo is too flat , lacking variations and font combinations indeed

flyer 5
lack of a more convincing hierarchy , the titles are not popping out enough and are hard to read indeed. The style is lacking relief and some texts would be better off with more contrast and visibility


Thank you for your review. I will learn again to make good quality flyer design. :smile:

hi buddy keep doing your best and making efforts to bring as cool items as possible and u will see that on time everything will be alright :slight_smile: we all needed time to learn graphic design , to adjust to market requirements and so on … this is legitimate …

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