Your item, Corporate Flyer, has been rejected

Hello authors,

I am new for GraphicRiver and i have get recently one rejection in flyer design. The rejection message is below as mention :slight_smile:

“Thank you for your submission. We have completed our review of “Corporate Flyer” and unfortunately we found it isn’t at the quality standard required to move forward, and you won’t be able to re-submit this item again.”

My flyer dimension information is :

Flyer size : 8.27*11.69
Bleed size : 0.25

Front and Back flyer design.

I would just like to know where is my rejection, Is there in dimension issue or design issue.

I have attached my flyer demo below, Please help to submit my first flyer, i am waiting for your helpful reply. Thank you! :slight_smile:

hi there, i am sorry, i do not want to look harsh or whatever , but, to be honest, this is really miles away from standards at this stage … i will try to other details all the points to fix, change, improve and so on … let’s get started

1- global style
well, if u ask me there is close to no graphic design in here - i will develop one of the consequences in point 2 - and i highly recommend that u push the envelope about it so that u add some additional value indeed …

2- limited commercial potential
look, at the moment, if we sum up, once u have taken the picture away from the main file, what do u have left? plain color shapes, texts and a set of basic icons. The direct consequence for this is the item would be easily and very quickly redone , so what is the point to buy this work when u will not really gain significant time out of doing it? most of the people would rather opt for redoing and they would make the most of the time that they do this to fix many tings compared with the original version. In the sane logics, why would a reviewer accept an item that is felt like having an already identified low commercial potential?

3- z shape reading process
thsi is the term to describe the way the eyes are sweeping across any document and this determines the impact zones so where u should put the most essential information, as regard to the way u positioned some, this looks very unlikely that u know about these processes, starting with the logo which should rather be in the top left corner, the bottom right corner or the very center of the canvas, this takes me to point 4

4- branding
indeed, as regard to what i started to describe i guess u can identify that what u have at the moment is not purely efficient when it comes to branding, i assume that this is not superfluous to add that - and this is legitimate - a potential buyer will be expecting to value his brand and make sure that his logo can be seen , remembered and so on

5- contrast
this is a basic design principle and for this matter this should not be taken lightly indeed , that’s the bottom line. Violating it ver more a bad idea that this is bringing u to be confronted with additional issues in a snowball effect … see the next point

6- readability
needless to say that setting some text in some colors is definitely not a good idea when the contrast between text colors and background is sufficient enough, as this makes texts hardly visible or even unreadable and in any case, they are not given the right exposure, attention , impact and so on, this gets worse again when this impacts negatively the hierarchy of information, too

7- hierarchy of information
this is not satisfying to have a big title in very thin font and white color on top of a mid tone green. The best illustration is what u have done in the violet variation. The tagline turns out to be more visible despite this is what smaller as the font is bolder and thus contrasts much much more with the background that the bigger texts The issue in the end is that u are “drowning” more important texts and valuing more some secondary ones and that this is material to have eyes getting lost and for readers to “skip the essential info”

8- spacing
this is another basic design principle not to reckon with. But u did as the spacing looks rather random globally and the same spaces do not seem to have been kept from one time to the other, which ultimately breaks harmony

9- icons
they are overall too simple, not really being valued and this they do not bring much to the table in terms of graphic design in a context where graphic design is globally lacking

10- background and shapes
whether this is about background or shapes all is plain colors and is looking very flat to say the least , especially as there is no additional decoration here and there to help to value some part over some others. U need to bring more for in this part in my opinion

11- finition
even the picture looks flat and looks a bit “pasted” on top of a plain color stripe,bringing some shadow or something making a transition would help to generate a general cohesion indeed

Okay got it!

Thank you for your comment, it was really helpful! @n2n44

So, there is no any dimension issue, Right? @n2n44