Flyer Rejected! Please Tell Me The Reason of its Being Rejected?

I have designed the following flyers. And submitted to graphicriver following their rules. But I got rejected. So, I am finding the reason why my flyers got reject? Please review those flyers and tell me the reasons?

Were they hard or soft rejected? And what did the rejection message say? I’m guessing it has to do with quality.

Overall I’d sat they look pretty decent, but for me they lack the eye catching element, they look sort of bland in terms of colour and depth, I tend to just glance over them rather than have something catch my eye that I want to look at.

You seem to have the text/alignment done pretty well, and you have some interesting shapes rather than just perfectly squared boxes which is nice.

Of the course the images help with making the flyers interesting, but keep in mind that they arent actually included with the item, so as a bit if a challenge, try designing the flyer with just blank grey blocks instead of actual images, see if you can get some interesting colors and depth without the need of photos to compliment them.

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XioxGraphix Thanks for your reply…
They were hard rejected…I have some confusion while uploading a design source file in Graphicriver.
They are,

  1. Can I keep the sample logo while uploading the source file? If not then what should I do?
  2. Can I keep the sample QR code(image) while uploading the source file? If not then what should I do?

hi fir me indeed it has to do with typo in a general way which is basically lacking fantasy a bit and despite being clean is a bit flat and failing to emphasize some central part of the texts, making the hierarchy look like not being completely at the level that they are expecting here …

let’s face it , the style of the first two ones is just seen a bit everywhere and same goes with the color combinations (though they are cool). For me, the last one is by far the most interesting one, there is a real harmony if u ask me the footer is cool and bringing somethign a bit original to the table, and same thing for the unique colors u used. However quite frankly the typo part is not satisfying yet. The font size is too big if u ask me and i cannot say that titles are outstanding, plus the typo is kind of clean but basic all the way u do not really have a game of combinations, what is rather expected here …

finally i agree with @XioxGraphix, i guess this template may look not as good once picture are withdrawn and that u basically deal only with the “shell”

For logos, you cannot include them in the file UNLESS you made it yourself, or it is sourced from a completely free to use (personally and commercially) provider.

I’m not 100% sure about the QR code, but seeing as those are unique, I would just not include it but give them the space to add one if they want to.

Anything that you do not have full rights to distribute/sell should not be included in the file.

Thank a lot…I am trying my to approve my design in Envato.