Please help me, My flyer design template rejected.

Hello authors,

I am new for GraphicRiver and i have get recently one rejection in flyer design. The rejection message is below as mention :slight_smile:

“Thank you for your submission. We have completed our review of “Corporate Flyer” and unfortunately we found it isn’t at the quality standard required to move forward, and you won’t be able to re-submit this item again.”

My flyer dimension information is :

Flyer size : 8.27*11.69
Bleed size : 5 mm

I would just like to know where is my rejection, Is there in dimension issue or design issue.

I have attached my flyer demo below, Please help to submit my first flyer, i am waiting for your helpful reply. Thank you! :blush:

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Hi @ZahraCreative12, welcome to GraphicRiver and the forum!

Thank you for uploading some high res images, makes it a lot easier to look at. It’s also good that you created a few colour variations, options are always good when it comes to these things.

Unfortunately, because this was hard rejected, you won’t be able to submit it again, even if you were to make the changes I mention below. However, I hope you can what I say into consideration for your future work.

I found a few subtle errors in the design that I have pointed out in the image below.

A few other things that I think could be improved.

  • “Our Services” has an underline, but nothing else does. The paragraph under it is also much lighter than the others next to it. The section is designed so similar to the others that these small differences look off. If you want to highlight the services and set them apart, I would put them in a box with different text colours and maybe even a different structure.

  • Having the shapes fade over the image almost looks like a mistake. I understand why you did it, but I don’t think it works here.

  • Not enough variation in the main content. It’s all very uniform, which gets the job done, but it doesn’t make it interesting. Below is a flyer that I think does a pretty good job, and by crazy coincidence, your content is the same! :wink:

The titles make use of different weights and colours combined together, they use design elements such as partial underlines and dotted dividers, some of the words in the paragraphs are bolded to help show importance. These things help make reading boring text a little more interesting while also giving a clear hierarchy to the content.

Overall though, the design is overdone and maybe even a little outdated. My main suggestion is always to stay away from basic corporate design. It’s been done thousands of times and is becoming harder to do something truly different and interesting with it. Your best bet is to pick something more specific, something that isn’t done often, something you’re personally interested in, and make a design based on that.

thank you very much for the comment, it is very helpful, for my future work. :blush:

Permission to ask again, Is the organization of the layers in my design file correct?

thank you very much for the answer :blush:

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The layers are correct. But the design style is from 2003-2004. The reason for your rejection is the outdated style combined with typography, alignments and readability issues


Your layers and specs seem fine. Most of the time things like layer organization and specs will only get a soft rejection if not done properly, meaning that you would just need to make a few fixes then submit again.

In this case it’s a hard rejection.


Thank you brother, the suggestions and criticisms are very helpful. I love it :blush:

Thank you brother, the suggestions and criticisms are very helpful. I love it :wink:

hi if u ask me there are a great variety of issues with this item … the first one is regarding style, the style is not only looking old and also really lacking originality as regard to disposition, colors combination, typo and so on, u did really manage to bring something new to the table in any way. Still about the global style, if u ask me, the thing is basically enough , what u have here keeps very simple and there is not so much graphic design here. I would recommend that u push the envelope about it to generate some more relief and additional value so that , ultimately, the item may look having more commercial potential. Indeed, for a buyer to buy u either have to make them figure out that they will get something going beyond their knowledge and skills as far as graphic design goes, or to make the, consider that they will save significant time out of buying, which is not what happens here. Thus, people will probably more likely to do on their own and save money , so why accepting the file for the reviewer in a way? The typo is very important here otherwise and the fact of the matter is that there is nothing incredible here , I mean this looks kind of clean but this is also rather flat , too and as u know that here this is certainly one of the main focuses , the thing that u have typo wise at the moment is a bit light if u ask me. U also have to pay attention about contrast , which is not always really big, I would not say that u violate this basic design principle but u are not giving enough exposure to a good deal of items so that they can pop out as expected and also breed a really well defined hierarchy of information and elements , besides, one of the trouble making issues as regard to hierarchy in my view is that the title is part of the things that are the less visible and painting out when this should be the other way around. Putting some text over complex backgrounds make it less visible and popping out so that u have to make sure that contrast is even bigger for the text to have the expected attention …


And I like your design, and I don’t understand why it was so rudely rejected. All the shortcomings mentioned above seem insignificant to me, and the refusal seems groundless. Although I am not a designer, and if I am wanted posters, I share them quickly and for free on this site. Serious design is not for me since I don’t see a difference even in the color variations you posted. I think they just decided to refuse you because they found something the company liked more. And they couldn’t cooperate with two designers.