Flyer Rejected. Can Anyone Give some valuable feedback on this design to improve?

Hello Their,

I try print category template design on grafic river. Sometimes some of them have been approved & some rejected. I can’t understand in rejected design where is missing or wrong. Some of my rejected work I have attached below. Can anyone give some valuable feedback on this design to improve or give some suggestion how to improve my work/skills? or what you follow to start a design or something like that…

Thanks for your time & consideration. Stay home stay safe.

hi this is clean and tasteful though u have a problem of quite deja vu style to deal with and to really offer a more original typo in my view. Pls also try to pay attention to make texts contrast enough from the background too … finally beware of placing logos and contents too close from margins as this is to make sure that this is neither in the trimline nor in the safety zone , not to mention that there is no breathing if u place these elements this close from margins …

@n2n44 Thanks a lot.

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u are welcome :slight_smile: