Rejected my flyer in Graphicriver

Hello community, I am try to submit graphic flyer in graphicriver.
Every time I upload my items on GraphicRiver they rejected me.
Can you help me to find the problems to be able to improve my future uploads?

Review 590x1290px File

Layer and group

80x80px File
80 (1)

Received Gmail

Full file include PSD
This my items in google drive

My item is a FLYER
thanks for any help

Firstly share previews here not the link to Google Drive folders.

Re: design…

The concept has been done a million times before and can easily be found for free online

The design itself and choice of elements is very outdated

I’m guessing that you don’t own the background, model image etc. which means you cannot include these except in the demo

Take out third party assets and all that is left is a few bits of copy where the typography, hierarchy and positioning all need significant work and doesn’t warrant approval.

thank you so much for response…
i checked graphicriver and many items like mine is uploaded in this week and last month.

model girl image is not included in PSD file and it just used for demo.
Reviewed are include on the top of topic 590 * 1290 px

so do you think other things such as quality and thumbnail size and layered and etc are good?
the only problem is design is traditional?

With respect the design just isn’t good enough.

The choice of model image is not great and the design is far too dependent on that part

The main issue is typography - in just the Club title and party night subtitle you have 3 different (and not right) creative font choices, then all other copy is close to unstyled and feels placed for the sake of including it rather than with design purpose.

this is true but countless of works of the same style keep being accepted all the same and seem to be what is expected …

hi there is all to redo in terms of typo, if u ask me … this is really far from GR standards about it. The global organization of contents and texts in particular is not done properly this far. Indeed, the concerned disposition is not taking into account the z lay out. Besides , you basically have only two levels of hierarchy and only the main title spring out, when “when, where, who” should be seen and noticed too. The model looks pasted in the flyer rather than composed and toi tell u how I feel, it seems to me that the choice of the model is not the right one to match the rest of the environment of the flyer … branding wise, the flyer is not stepping up to the plate, too as the space dedicated for the flyer is the smallest one and this makes really very little sense … if a club owner wants to purchase a flyer , he / she will be expecting to have the name of her place being outstanding , rather than lost in between the rest of the information, as this is for now in your flyer … flagging in the middle the information in the top left corner is not a good idea as regard to how you flagged other block of texts , this is not really coherent …

Hello and thanks a lot for your time and your advice, it is really helpful for me :pray: :pray:

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Thank you for your response and help i will use your advice for my new items