now my flyer is good or bad? I need submit graphicriver

Remember: I am making flyer original (not download images for internet) and Bear model I will to use shape for file buyer (placeholder).

Messy and not consistent, everything is everywhere.

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how messy?

Just compare this design with the GR latest approval items. And tell me which one you’d like to buy.

Don’t get me wrong but there’s no single item on this “design” is looking good. I remember on your previous threads that you should/should not use “stock” images but it’s not all about the images, it’s how you manage the detail and combine everything in together.

Like food recipes. If you don’t mix the ingredients on a specific order or enough ( too much / too less ) the food is not gonna taste good.

Here, you just put everything on the same canvas. It’s not connected to each other.

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Thank you… I not use images for file buyer but I take my camera my house tree, all designs are original.

I change color background green to blue…

Don’t get me wrong again, but comparing to your approval item on your account ( author-business-magazine-template ) almost looks like two different person is doing the design.

Or maybe you should focus on the same category to get the approval of the items.

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Yes but I not like job magazines…

I love flyers… yet I not upload graphicriver…

About your email, i wiil NOT create flyers or anything else for GR so im not have a portfolio on this site ans i will never have.

About the flyer:
The bear with the hat is not original.
The date text is smaller than the ticket entry ( hierarchy )
The button below the ticket and the date text is a no go.
The toplights on that green stroke is low quality.
Club present is very small ( imagine, you have a club do you want to promote your club with very small text? )
Shadows below the presents don’t look realistic.
Your title doesn’t pop out and there is no organisation in your flyer like Ki-themes said.
Again the balls looks goods but thats it.
No chance for approval.

where your flyers approved? your portfolio nothing approved. I know that you are bad with me and jealous. you are same person from other accounts forum envato.

please block me @flyerlicious I not want speak with you sorry.

I have a certifice the course year 2011 I know some the designer, please not give me a claim.

You are right, you are not worth to teach some good skills of flyer design.
You don’t want to learn and you are rude to people that wants to help you and can’t handle the reality.
You just dont want to see it.
Thats why you dont get any flyer get approved,
I also dont get any flyer approved because im NOT upload on GR or Envato and i never will.
The only reason that im on the forum is to help started flyer designers like you.
I created posters for a lot of huge festivals in my country for the last 14,5 years
But you are right im jealous.

With your current skills and arrogance not one of your flyers will be approved in 1000 year.

I wish you very good luck in your designers life.

P.s. I will sent a ticket to Envato to let them know that you are very rude to helpfull people so hope that they will ban you from this forum.

NOW you can block me.
Thank you very much

@JeriTeam you have created much better flyers (with some issues but overall much better) this flyer is a disaster.

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Yes, I know but I am not ready for learn…

It’s amazing to me that you are still trying to create something on GR! You do something, post it on a forum where people advise you, and you criticize them and want to block them?! It doesn’t make sense :upside_down_face:

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Did i telling lies to her or did she create a masterpiece?
I don’t tjink so, im telling nothing but the truth.
She think that i am jealous at her skills that she don’t have.
Here is my flyer and i created all elements by myself.
Compare her and my flyer(s).
But for her im the boogeyman now.

I think your flyer looks quite simple and could use some more details. However, Jeri’s flyer looks very simple and needs more work to make it look even better.

I think your flyer could remove the hole under the heading

Yes you have a good point, i think you’re right to add some more elements, maybe some more random coins but i don’t want it to be very messy.
So i hestitate.
If it’'s rejected i will make the bottem better, it;s a little flat for now.