My flyer is fine or bad? before of submit graphicriver

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Please help me thanks.

HI Jeri, well as for me, i am sorry to say just that, but i believe that your item will not make it for sale at this stage … The fact of the matter is there is a global problem of harmony and coherence between style and composition. U are into a disco theme so to speak but the central banner and even the background do not inspire this so much … Then, i tend to believe that u need to bring a bit more effort to the table as far as the background in concerned. THis is a bit too empty and simple and i guess that introducing some light and depth would be taking you item to the next level. Then, u need to introduce some text for the name of the club and to make sure that this is a bit outstanding. At the moment , if i were u , i would transform “club” into “party” and try to find a font more in keeping with the theme indeed. As regard to the composition, i think that elements looks pasted on the canvas and do not integrate well enough in the design itself. I think that bringing them behind the banner and making part of them appear only would a more efficient way to do indeed. Besides, when it comes to the banner, just try to adapt it to the theme as well, both color wise and theme wise that will generate more colors and harmony. Finally, for me having to discoballs like this is not a good idea … yes this is bringing repetition and symetry to the table in a way and that may appear as a good idea somehow some way but i think that this is not so much in terms of realism and composition, i assume that people “will not buy it” to have too have two discoballs and in such a disposition.

however, i like the effct that u have made with flares in the corner and the model not so bad, lol i used it for my last flyer to post here , u will see it next week by the way lol

u have still a lot of work to do but keeping on doing your best to develop your skills and better creations

have a nice day Jeri


And the disco balls look like she has wings, (not good).

But the main reason l can see for a rejection is trying to put speakers and champagne glasses, etc, onto an incompatible plane, (the glass is on an angle, and the CLUB rim, is facing us).

Unfortunately trying to put two different plane view items together is a sure fire hard rejection.


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