we found it isn't at the quality standard required

“Thank you for your submission. We have completed our review of “Dj flyer” and unfortunately we found it isn’t at the quality standard required to move forward, and you won’t be able to re-submit this item again.”


Hi @di_pluzhnikova

I think that you design is too basic or already similar other item “dj flyer” for so was hard rejected. you can speak with other author like @n2n44 he will help you this flyer because he is very best design that I and he have more 17 years experience thank you regards.

hi for me u have a very cool base to work with, however, u can still take your game to the next level by improving different things indeed. First of all , i am not really sure that , according to what u have here, the squared format is the most appropriate one. U have too much of a discrepancy between the central composition and all the rest. It seems that u concentrated much effort in the central part which is globally good and did not leave space enough for all the the things revolving around. For instance, u need to “unstick” the woman’s head from the upper edge indeed, at the moment there is no breathing , just bring the whole composition slightly down, maybe one cm or 1,5 … make sure that sideway texts are aligned and are having equal spacing. The footer is really too small, i can understand that u may have focused on having a strong hierarchy but the fact of the matter is that right now there is too much of a gap between main and secondary information , not to mention that there should be some scaling, and that texts should be gradual between the most important ones and , some other a bit more secondary and some very plain information … Let me also underline that u have a major mistake when it comes to texts and hierarchy as the club name is a very important thing indeed …whether the thing is a dj thing and the place is important or this is a club promotion and in this case this becomes an absolutely essential piece … in both cases, this required for the club name to be valued, pop out and everything … i am also not sure that the plain yellow text like this is a super good idea … by valuing more the club name, u can then introduce a gradient of a layer style inside to make sure that the name is more beautiful, more outstanding and everything …
besides pls let me note a small incoherence, the flyer looks like a dj one , though u have another line where u have dj names , what is it for in this case?
date is also a thing that needs to be seen and spring out, the circular version like this is not properly a good idea if u ask me as this is hard to read and the text is way too small at the moment … u have to think about and identify which pieces of information really matter and club name and date are definitely major ones , pls keep this in mind, this is the kind of information that must catch people’s attention in an instant … so that they can identify what? where ? who? which are the basic information …
otherwise, dropping shadows here and there , where necessary will make your item look more finished and more professional again … think about introducing some on the model, under “pyramids”
in my view, taking small white dots away from the face of the model would be better
finally if i were u, stil in the perspective of having something getting more unique and completely finished all the way i would melt a picture of space in the back, a smooth one just to add sort of a texture and make the item look more complex and finished


Thanks for the advice. It is very important for me. I will correct. :slightly_smiling_face:


That’s ridiculous man.


Because the design looks great. I don’t understand people/clients additional needs.

Me too. I look at the many flyers that have approved. They are worse than mine.

great but not perfect … my goal was to help to take it to the next level again … for other judgement , they are unusual … here this is working like this , u have nothing to do once some decision is made, whether u like it or not …

no system is flawless … do not waste your time, thinking this way, either u try to rework it and try to perfect it, or u go to sell somewhere else like this … this is up to u …

i hope u could get clues enough for u to improve your item , if so pls check the “solution” box :slight_smile:

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Yes, but it’s weird. 4 works were rejected and I don’t understand why.

u have to identify something , nowadays , markets are very saturated and people have more and more items rejected , including people who are very experienced designer like me … i have been working in an agency for 16+ years and i often get rejections nowadays , we all have to focus on quality, originality and so on and try to make sure bring something so very good to the table so this is felt that rejecting it is just impossible …

i like it, looks quite great…


I’m a designer for 7 years and I understand something about this. I see that my work is good. And seen what kind of work they accept. So I don’t understand. If the site has its own standards to which everyone is customized, then there will be no identity. Anyway thank you for comment.

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yes , i identify your “problem” that is not only yours but basically everyone’s indeed since a lot of people experience and feel the same, whether they express it or not but what i can tell u by experience is that what u are doing right now is of no use as nothing will change … in the “best cases”, so to speak, and u manage to have something changing, what this is going to bring to the table is that u will just get in the eye of the hurricane and have even more trouble , so u can choose to move on or choose more troubles … if i were u i would just post my item like this somewhere else, period … i think that if u do not want to rework, this is the only alternative that u have … even if i identity and understand the frustration that all this is generating