Need recommendation before upload.

Please check this flyer and let me know if any issue are there.


Most probably it will be rejected. There is nothing premium with this flyer.

hi I see a good collection of things to improve , If u ask me. First of all, indeed, there are sort of violations of basic design principles. Contrast is not always high enough and as every time with this point , this turns out to bring some additional trouble to the table in a snowball effect. There is a negative impact on exposure and hierarchy and to a lower extent to readability a little bit for “party”. Otherwise, there is no apparent guideline when it comes to spacing. This goes pari pasu with the global organization that looks rather random and not really paying attention to "z-lay out"so that some elements may not be placed in the best area so to speak. This is particularly what happens with the date. Otherwise, still more or less related to hierarchy one part of the title is definitely looking small and not given the attention that a title would deserve indeed and same goes for the club name. For branding reasons the position a bit and size are simply not indicating that this is a major element, when indeed, this is. Then, the item is lacking finition according to me, there is a blatant need for shadows to be dropped when this is required so that the composition looks more credible and realistic. Also beware of the balance between areas , sone are way more crowded than some others , this is somehow killing a bit harmony. besides, still more or less about the same subject I would recommend that u use pictures of Christmas balls rathe Than illustrations to have more homogeneity