I'm not sure if my flyer is ok, can you give me better advice?

hi no this is not ok indeed, there are many mistakes to fix so say the least. Actually, the interesting part is the presents, they are cool a base to work with , as well as the snow / smoke effect. Apart from this there a lot of mistakes. Let’s start
1- contrast
u are breaking a basic design principle here as some texts basically are close to invisible …
2- readability
this is linked to point 1 … as some text do not pop out enough from the background, they are pretty hard to read and u can even wander why they are here if they cannot be read …
3- alignment
sorry to say just this , i have no idea what is the logic here … most of the text are aligned in the middle and there is ont part , isolated and lost in the middle of nowhere … this is a second basic design principle that u are violating and this is thus a second lethal mistake indeed … i also tend to believe that presents should be centered as they are the best part of what u have here and thus they should be emphasized more so that u can give the reviewer a good image of what u have created here
4- hierarchy
if i like the effect in the main title. let’s face it, like this is also making the title failing to pop out enough indeed and the direct consequence is a very negative impact on the hierarchy of information, not to mention that the hierarchy is getting worse again, with the points that i am going to enumerate next. first, the club is a central information and as usual u gave it a wrong positioning , a wrong size and thus close to no impact. The date , as part of the “what, who, when, where , why” is essential, the problem is that misplaced it, too and , same goes with the club name , they do not have the proper attention , as they do not have the right decoration, color and so on …
5- spacing
sorry to say just this but everything must be redone about it … this looks very random at this stage and basically is underlining some very bog organization issues , to say the least
6- organization and compoisition
actually , things in most cases seem to be pasted right not to each other rather than being composed with each other and elements do not look like a different pieces of a puzzle becoming a “whole”
7- color combinations
hard to identify why there is some red here , especially when u have orange already and this diverging color association is contributing to the visual disorder generated by the other things that i mentioned beforehand …
8- disharmony
indeed, this is partly what i mentioned and explained above, too many diverging thing lead u to have a global design looking a patchwork more than any other thing and this is simply not working as such
9- impact zone
the biggest impact zone is the center - exact center - of the canvas and this is where the titles should be … yours is too low this gets worst when merry is small, that this is in too dark a color, that this is misplaced and placed in a crammed area
10- misbalance
indeed, top left and bottom right corner which are impact zones, too, turn out to be very empty. In the meanwhile, the central axis - and in particular the bottom zone - are very crammed, hence the misbalance
11- coherence
what is the bunch of balls doing out there in the top right corner? apart from being disconnected visually , it makes no sense that they re here , i mean apart form simply preventing the place from being empty, period …
12- shadowing there some mistakes about it, for the groups of balls for instance

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Thank you, right now I’m going to fix my flyer

Now yes? it’s better or not?

It is not ok! “Merry” doesn’t have contrast. “Christmas” texture looks dull. Elements that you used are different styles and not integrated with each other (this is happening when you use free resources from different creators and you don’t pay attention on integration). The entire scene’s light is off. As @n2n44 mentioned only the presents looks ok everything else looks amateurish.

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I’m not sure if my flyer is ok, please help me, thank you.

As it is right now will be 100% rejected. Keep the presents and try another one. Make the title super visible and mind about composition (right now you have empty space above the title). Also the bottom info doesn’t look good on black background