I need feedback before submitting for review.

hi well the thing is very different from one flyer too the other. When it comes to the first flyer, the corporate one, if this is sort of clean the major problem is that the thing has been seen a thousand times or more already … everything from the composition, to color combinations, to typo , global shapes and so on, all inspires much of a deja vu feeling and u may wander why would the reviewer like to add something this very similar to an already very extended catalogue of product in a saturated marketplace. Not to mention that , this consideration being taken apart, the flyer is still from being absolutely perfect otherwise. U occasionally have some contrast issue. Contrast is far away from being a small deal as not only is this a basic design principle but this is also , indeed, something that leads u to be confronted with other issues in a snowball effect , when u turn out to mess with it. The contrast issue here, also , as this almost systematically happen in normal times bring some problems of hierarchy and readability to the table in the concerned areas. This is too bad as the flyer looks clean otherwise. U also have something to fix when it comes to the logo, this is not exactly placed properly as this is too close from the upper margin which prevents it from breathing and from having the right attention, impact and exposure (something that the rather small size of it contributes to, as well. Sone of other thing that needs to be said is as regard to block of texts in the lower part of the flyer. Indeed, they are slightly too “extended” horizontally and this combined with the fact that u placed block too close from margins is once again impacting negatively the breathing of the concerned part. I am also not a fan of these color changing as far as icons go, I think that this is not looking good visually speaking and this tends to be rather confusing, more than any other thing. Pls let me remind u that “repetition” is a basic design principle and this does not look compatible here. If I were u I would also invest sometime to create a professional looking logo rather that using something like this which looks flat and tends to flatten the whole flyer rather than taking it to the next level. Finally, I would say that the shapes that u used are fine, though they are much of a common place for this type of flyer but the problem is that they get u into troubles. A trouble that u did not really manage to handle in a way as there is a big white gap at the junction and u did not manage to handle this properly, this area looking strangely empty

now concerning the training flyer. Sorry to say just this, but this looks grunge. I mean grunge is a style that may look cool, but here this is sinople not looking good if u ask me. Besides, why introducing a grunge style in this sort of theme? I would rather believe that even for a “indie gym” people would like the thing to look clean if u know what I mean - especially in times of a pandemic - and the grunge style here looks very incompatible with this in my view. This, when mixed with the fact that the grunge style also makes the main title of the flyer hard to read is really a problem if u ask me. Besides, still as regard to coherence, what is the point of having a discount bullet of the content of it is almost unreadable and invisible? Whether this is witch such bullets or “call to action” buttons in the internet, people are expecting that the content of it is springing out much and the text is outstanding since this is important information that u generally put out there … Besides, as I am emphasizing things that are not really coherent, think about it pls, when u put the name of the guy in white color over a yellow background and that u put his function in black color , that u put the name bigger than the function but that ultimately the function really pops out more, u are not only making something that makes close to no sense but u are also breaking the hierarchy of information too. People’s eyes will be directed on the functions can bet your last dollar on this … . In this flyer , same gores as in the other one. The logo is not given the right attention, impact and exposure. Look, a buyer will be expecting to promote his / her place and to have the name and logo of the company remembered and being outstanding (branding matters). This is not what u have here, I mean this can be improved. By the way u have the very same problem of positioning of the logo, not being aligned vertically and being a bit too close from the upper margin too. Icons look a bit like photoshop presets. I assume that u would bring some additional value to the flyer by adding more “complex” ones or at the very least less common ones … To finish I will add two things. The fires one if that u have to realize that putting text on a complex background does not help to make to look outstanding , in other words, if u ever do, u have to pay even more attention about contrast and such things. The second one is that the “grunge style” on main titles is not bringing anything to the table but makes the main title more difficult to read , less popping out and less aesthetic , so not really a good idea in my view

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