Looking for Flyer Design Feedback

DO you Think this flyer meet the requirement to approved by GraphicRiver.

Yeah! I think is pretty good :wink:

hi, i rather like it, this is not perfect but this is rather nice globally however u have things to fix to take your game to the next level indeed. The major point here , i guess , is the organization of elements between the positioning of blocks of texts with a « doubtful spacing » the logo not centered in the allocated space and globally too close form margins so that this is breathing and having impact and the right exposure and attention, there is some work a bit to do for u. The typo is also clean and rather pro but indeed this looks a little rigid and lacking a touch of creativity if u ask me so that more relief is being generated. Finally , but not least, the text in the blue bullet is clearly not super outstanding and the low contrats impact negatively the readability and attention called for