Need feedback before uploading the flyer

Hello all,

Here is my new item and before uploading it to the review team I need feedback.


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i am really sorry bu i really do not like what u have here … i see a good collection of mistakes, things to fix and so on … first of all the shape is original but also strange and not selling the picture inside and actually ends up having close to no impact but rathe bring trouble to the table as u have had problems to organize the rest of the flyer because of such a misbalanced shape indeed
the logo is mispositioned and given no attention as such with is problem makkjgn both in terms of branding and readability in the end … the space dedicated to it, is already to small in the first place , but isolating it in a corner not following the natural z-shape reading process, makes u give the logo no exposure and impact , as well
there is a disconnection in the global style between colors , shape , theme and the picture u used … u could manage to generate no real harmony out of it
the central title and subtitle are showing too much of a hierarchy discrepancy ad these issues of hierarchy can also be found in emphasized services being in smaller characters than other titles and i assume that i ould be better to give them a name rather than “service 1,2,3” the arrangement of the space in the central frame is not good enough but the way as texts are too stuck to edges and there should be more space and breathings to improve the thing
the two blocks of texts are not positioned properly as te central gutter is really way too large and this bring u to another mistake, that is to say putting these blocks too close from margins and thus killing te breathings in both sideways in the end
same goes for footer bullets and info, they re too close from the bottom margin and all horizontal blocks (frame + 2 block of texts and the menu of footer bullets are not equally positioned vertically speaking the space between the two block of texts and footer bullets being way bigger than between the frame and the 2 blocks of texts indeed

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Again many thanks for the your precious input and off course for the time. The shape and picture thing was in my mind but left it to give it a try. I will try to fix all of these mistakes and then will post the updated version.


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Hello, here is an updated version. Hopefully, I have followed your instructions correctly. Your valuable feedback is required.


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hi next time pls open a new thread instead this is clearer indeed …
well i am sorry to say just this but there are all kind of mistakes here … and no doubt that u did not stand a chance to have this item accepted …

1- fake logo
the fact of the matter is that this is both a branding and aesthetic mistake that u have here , to have such a huge focus on the symbol over the name , what brands , no matter what they do are expecting for this is to have their brands remembered by users and in such a context this is not what happens …

2- bullet of the logo
look, man, u have a very squared logo on a rounded shape … this looks a bit like, in this game for babies, u were trying to put a square in the rounded hole … to stick to your situation, this basically kills the harmony , guideline and coherence

3- text readability
in many cases, lots of texts are being hard to read or not as punchy as expected due to a combination of reasons … boldness or not, color and contrast , positioning and so on, but anyway , texts are not super readable and why having them if the information is hard to read and get?

4- contrast
not a small deal this is a basic design principle and this let alone could justify a hard rejection , u need to choose colors for texts that have nothing to do with the background (as much as possible)

5- hierarchy
think about it, the more texts are important , the more they must pop out in any way … boldness, side, positioning and so on … when u have “agency and we serve … business” being less bold than secondary titles and not springing out of the background color, u are clearly breaking this “rule” and making your item less attractive visually and less efficient for users / readers

6- global style …
well, once again, u do not have this much graphic design here and u would be well inspired to find some ways to “push the envelope” graphic design wise so that your item ultimately has more impact and more commercial potential too

7- color combinations
well i am not sure that u could possibly have a worse combination indeed … not only for contrast and readability matters but for other things too … pls think about complementary colors, shades of the same color and theme colors , normally will bring u to opt for smart and safe choices indeed

8- icons
they re basically bring nothing to the table in terms of graphic design as they are too simple and just help to break the “text only style” u have here but potentially buyers can expect more from a product that they buy from a pro designer , if u know what i mean. Not to mention that due to colors, they re not even emphasized or valued, too

9- central gutter
it is a bit too thin indeed, it would be better to have not as large text block and have a bot breathing between the two of them

10- spacing
a very good example of the spacing needed improvement in the footer section … the space between the yellow stripe and the footer and the text and the black “bullet” are not the same

11- lack of breathing
this is especially in some areas and the problem is also that this is not felt the same from one area to the other … see point 12

12- misbalance
this is mainly between a very compact upper part with close to no breathing and white space at all and the footer being proportionally way light than the upper part … a good document is one in which u feel like there is no discrepancy indeed

13- choice of the picture and matching the theme of the flyer
i am not sure other people would feel the same but , as for me the concerned picture is not only very compact in terms of composition but also very far from being super evocative of what the activity is supposed to be all about indeed …


Creative agency flyer without creativity!

Based on what you post here until now my advice for you is to take some graphic design classes because you clearly don’t understand the very basic principles of graphic design.

Learning just how to use Photoshop, Illustrator or InDesign don’t qualify you as graphic designer.

Later edit:

I just visited your profile and saw this

I have been working for eleven years in the graphic designing industry. I can design flyers, banners, corporate profiles, posters, booklets, stationery, magazine layout, cover for the publications, academic journals and cover photo for social media.

11 years??? Are you sure? With 11 years experience you try to upload these flyers filled with beginner’s mistakes?

This is hilarious!

From the beginning, you are too judgmental. I always welcome criticism but what you are doing here is not acceptable. If you need to criticize, do like a gentleman. You might know Graphic Design better than everyone else here, but I think you need a crash crouse on how to talk and respect other human begins.

Many other authors facing the same issues as I am and they are ‘experienced’. There are many ‘approved’ items which are questionable, but I do not want to further my doubts on the system.

Anyways, from now on you are not welcome to comment on my posts until you know how to behave with others. When you learn something about this than criticized.

Hello :slight_smile:

No, I am sorry to repeat those mistake again. Next time I will try harder. Thanks for pointing out again. I really do appreciate your comments.

Only one thing I have noticed, I have gone through many flyers design here but found same design pattern as I am (exclude the last one) but they all approved.


You are and without questioning your comment. There are several flyers which are approved in here has no logo at all but a plain text on it ‘Company Logo’. Therefore, I have used the same pattern on my first item and it confused me that what is the standard here on GR? Same goes to other patterns which I have followed in my designs.



Acknowledged. But again I am so confused because I have seen these type of hierarchy on other approved designed that is why followed it.


I have used one of the most downloaded colour schemes from Adobe Color and it is unfortunate that I didn’t work out here.



My bad.

I think otherwise but will extra careful



Couldn’t find the best image with the proper license.

Will come up with better design next time.

Thank you for your time and constructive criticism.

Dude! Calm down! You act like a child without his favorite toy! We all know this is fishy. 11 years! Come on! 11 weeks maybe or 11 years, isolated from the world, with no one around to tell you what is wrong. LOL We saw all kinds of “experts”, “professionals” and “skilled graphic designers”, on this forum, trying to pretend what they are not. Imagine yourself pitching for a client or going to a job interview, presenting a flyer like this one and telling them you have 11 years of experience. That will be a cringe moment. Everyone will understand instantly that it is not true and the answer will be “We will call you…”

It’s not a shame to admit your level. Everyone was a beginner at some point. I know you want to make some quick money with little effort but as you can see it’s not possible just like you imagine. To learn graphic design is an extremely time consuming and hard working process. Also not everyone can learn it, you need to have some native creativity to help you in the process but unfortunately there is not a step by step tutorial for this.

From what I see you have a problem with other authors items that are already approved. Stop compare your items with other peoples work, this is rude and it’s against forum rules. They managed to pass the review somehow you don’t. Focus only on your issues. As an advice, from now on, check the date when you see an item. Many of them are uploaded long time ago and the quality standard increased over the years.

Before telling me this is not true, think twice and you better start learning if you are sure that you want this. It will help you in the future.