Feedback required: Business Flyer Rejected

Hello all,

Guys, I need feedback after my Business Flyer Template is rejected with the reply.

We have completed our review of “Business Flyer Template” and unfortunately we found it isn’t at the quality standard required to move forward, and you won’t be able to re-submit this item again.

Please help me identifying the designing issue(s) so I can come up with a design which can be accepted.

Thank you,

Looks like you are in hurry to do business here but clearly you are not ready for this.

You have many major issues:

  • No concept at all
  • Almost nonexistent design
  • Weak composition
  • Bad typography and hierarchy
  • Ugly and lazy duplicated content
  • No dummy logo
  • Wrong spacing and alignments

Thanks for the reply and highlighting the issues. Can I DM you to understand things in details?

PS: I am not rushing for anything.

Sorry but I don’t have time to teach you all this topics in details. You need to start by learning the design principles. You can attend to this class here

I didn’t request you to teach me. Anyway! Thanks

LOL and how he could help u without pointing out what u may have done wrong and thus “teach u” ?

may i see the link to provide u with a detailed feedback pls?

Thanks for your reply.

hi well, this is really generic a style that u have here, this is sort of clean but quite frankly the colors, arrangement and positioning, the global styles has been seen times and times again and definitely u need something to take your game to the next level and to make it more original. Not to mention that at this stage, u still have things to fix ad that the flyer is not perfect like this, which reduces the potentiality of your flyer to be approved indeed.
still about the global style, well, to be honest, there is not much graphic design in this item and thus this is easy to redo quickly and easily without having really humongous skills and photoshop proficiency. Why accepting a flyer not really bringing anything new and having a very limited commercial potential , then?
in addition, u did not really manage to handle the super shape that u have created as there are things to fix as regard to the positioning of element and balance concerning white space indeed
i recommend that u create a really professional fake logo that will give your item an additional touch of graphic design and improve the preview rather than flattening it even more, just like u have now
the typo part is definitely far from being criticism free as this is not only simple and rather flat , and lacking font variations, font combinations and touches of originality indeed. The fact of the matter is that the fonts u used are making what u have done look old or outdated and not really making the main picture match with the type of typo in the end …
besides it seems to me that the used font is not really matching the theme too
why having the same three icons and not making the most to introduce a small touch of graphic design by putting some worked out icons out there , especially as u have the same texts in all of them , which looks strange
most of the texts are not popping out much and hard to understand why titles and the slogan are not given more attention by adding decorations , bigger size and possible other things
i am also very concerned about the positioning of your text in the footer , is the flyer showed after taking out the tramline? if not i guess that if u are lucky enough, the texts must be out of the turmaline, but definitely not out of the safety zone, which is a problem , too

Hello, First of all, many thanks for your time. I agree with what you have pointed out regarding the design. It was my first attempt here. But the last part about the trimline, all of the content is under safety line. Just like mentioned here.

I have designed another one. Is it OK to post it here for feedback before uploading?


so this is good … some things are sometimes hard to determine unless u have the right screenshot, so pls forget about this part
if u have another rejected item, pls post in another thread instead , this is easier to deal with indeed

Thanks for the reply. I haven’t uploaded the new item yet. What I am asking that is it OK to post it on the forum for feedback before uploading?

If the answer is OK to post, I will start another thread as you suggested.


yes of course, u can … :slight_smile:

Thanks for the reply. I have posted it on a new thread. Here is the link.