I m new here and I made this flyer and it's get rejected can anyone help me find my mistakes

Hello there,
I made this design and get rejected. so can anyone help me find my mistakes ? It will be really helpful for me.
Thank You. :slight_smile:

hi this looks reasonable , so to speak … I mean the content is tasteful , there is some harmony , this is not bad. I guess the main problem here is that quite frankly this is definitely not original an item that u have here … as regard to disposition, color combinations, overall style and so on , all inspires a “deja vu” feeling somehow. I guess that the main reproaches u may get otherwise is that there is not enough breathing between the top margin and the elements below and between the lower margin and the footer elements. Increasing those will bring some breathing to the table and give the right attention and impact to the mentioned elements. The second major thing is that the block of text and the main titles are not aligned properly and as alignment is a basic design principle , I guess u can identify that this is everything but a good idea. This is rather a lethal one, in the first place but in such a corporate kind of item, this is even worth again, to be honest, as u are expected to handle everything as perfectly as u can possibly do for that matter in terms of organization and so on. Then, the “image holder”'s shape may not be the very best choice, too. Indeed, this is making it a bit difficult for u to handle it and to arrange things really perfectly accordingly. Besides , this maybe an explanation for u not align things as required. The spacing is also sort of “damaged” by the space that u have put between every single line of the title and the white line that u have put under the referred title, indeed. Finally the block of info in the bottom right corn and placed over a “dividing shape” is not a good choice as this impacts very negatively the readability of the concerned texts and thus the efficiency of the global document, pls also keep in mind what the flyer is supposed to be meant for , that is to say for companies to get to informa about what they do and to be contacted by others to use their services, if personal data are not well visible and not super readable , this misses the target so to speak …

@n2n44 Thank You so much for your narrative explanation. I am in a learning phase so hope I’ll learn something from it and improve my design. :slight_smile:

do you have any links where I can learn those things? if so then please share with me. thank you.

I recommend that u take a close look at what people do, not to copy or whatever but to analyze why the thing is going through and compare with what u do so that u may identify things that u may improve , too. For links, this is hard to tell , there are many channels I guess that u may learn from in YouTube just by typing the kind of “class” that u are looking for , there is tuts from here also , otherwise …

@n2n44 again thanks for your time. You are so helpful. :slight_smile:

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u are welcome, hope it could help u :slight_smile: if u have enough clues as regard to what to do with the item, pls check the solution box :slight_smile: good work and good luck :slight_smile: