Item Rejected - Need Opinions to get better

hi my item was rejected, i really dont know why
I need feedback :frowning:
Here the pics:

anyone pls ?

bump… :frowning:

Hi Endopt,

probably you should at first differentiate items: i see 3 flyers with the same impagination. Only header change. Style is old, thus your skills are good. Try to change style. See what is going on the market now and create your unique style.
Keep always attention to text hierarchy and give breath to text

Good Luck!

Hi there,

for me, this flyer leans to much on the concepts of web design. That doesn’t necessarily have to be a bad thing, but in this it kind of looks like it would go on and on, although it doesn’t.

Fliers should be informative, without bloating the page too much. Work on letting your elements “breath”, don’t have massive blocks of text and most importantly: work on your typography. If anything, graphic design is certainly about typography.

PS: Also make sure you get an appropriate, better looking and well-sizes logo into your header.

You should align the text more carefully on a grid. The header, footer and middle part are all aligned differently. Also the footer is probably too small, bearing in mind there need to be margins for the bleeds.

i do agree with you Martin, even though i think that sometimes people can get out of conventions and do something different , in this case, this brings some problems to the table …

It does look more like a website mockup than a flyer.

thank you for the feedback guys,
I wanted to transform a webpage intro flyer, that was my initial idea, and so create a flyer that can be “valid” to all purposes. I wont give up, and i ll make another…

Hi SpaceStockfootage, that was my initial idea. :confused:

hi buddy, i think that the most important thing to insist on and what Martin / Toivo, already mentioned, this is that the alignment give stye design sort of a messy style … what i mean by that is that the eye is getting lost and doesn’t know where to look indeed, the organization is not clear and that impacts the visually thing in a negative way … . Afterwards, there’s a bit, according to what i see, a bit a problem with spacings and there’s a big blank at the bottom of the page when other informations are sort of too close from each others … there’s no breathing . I may also add that i am not a great fan of the colorful stripes that u made throughout the page it looks a bit confusing as we do not know what this is standing for (titles? something else?) there’s no clear idea for this … . I also finally tend to believe that there’s something that looks not bad but that is not convenient much either , as the logo thing on the top left hand side is oil like this but what about if customers have a really completely different type of logo?

u shoudl have sticked to the initial idea then, in this case, u did something a bit in between which is not bad originality wise, but the problem is that u stopped in the middle of the way so to speak …

In terms of organizations of layers is everything okay ?

i would have to see the whole thing in deep details to let you know but according to the preview, it seems so … i personally put the background in a folder also but u don’t have to do this and it looks clearly organized

the colorful stripes is to highlight the title. Like What we do or about us ,
Logo: the logo is a rectangular "space, i think i would fit any logo there but i see your point.

Hi , Thanks for your feedback :smile:
That was my ideia create a flyer with the concept of webdesigne .
Also, thanks for the feedback of the logo i ll make it bigger next time.

Here some close up

in my humble opinion, you should design something that will answer people problem.
is a webpage design that applied into a flyer will able to engage audience?
is a webpage design that applied into a flyer can be “valid” to all purpose?
as far as i know, web design and print design have some different approach from layout, fonts, color, and many more :smile:
but your spirit is awesome bro! keep it up!

indeed, times are changing a bit and some corporate items are more inspired of the web design but there are still some difference all the same and this is cool that print remains more creative in a general way, for me this “inter gender style” gives birth to too flat things very often …

Thank you for your kind words :smile: