Flyer rejected?

Hi i am new here this is my second item rejected here can u plz identify the problem in my business flyer

With respect there are numerous issues with design fundamentals throughout especially consistency in the typography, alignment, spacing and hierarchy.

The design itself is a little outdated and to break into one of the most crowded categories on envato any new item needs to be original and flawless in design

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this is nice to answer Charlie, but if u do not get into deeper details and stick to superficial “u have issues about this , that and this” people cannot understand how to fix , it will not ring a bell in their minds if u wish

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hi as mentioned by @charlie4282, indeed u have a whole lot of work ahead …

1- alignement
in many of the red banners , your texts are not well aligned vertically , put some guys and align according to the guides. Same goes with horizontal alignment. “about us” and “book free…” are not aligned. I suspect that u may have not flagged the texts in the same way , check this out

2- margins and breathings
the information on both lower and upper parts are too close from edges

3- typography
at this stage , this is way too monotonous, u ned to bring originality to the table and combine fonts

4- hierarchy
try to think about how important pieces of information turn out to be … at this time, u have some categories being bigger than the logo of the company , do u think this is making sense ? besides the most outstanding thing is sort of a slogan, and a flat one in addition, it will be hard to edit as space dedicated to it is too small and anyone who knows customers habits knows that they are very likely not to use compact formulations

5- limited graphic design
what u have is very flat visually speaking, and think about it ,why someone would buy a thing that they can redo in 10-15 minutes? if so they will opt for redoing rather than saving time by buying …

6- fake logo killing the visual
apart from not having space enough for this , the logo is definitely “not selling” what u have created, just put some effort into doing a credible logo design for the fake company name …

7- theme colors
think about values of colors and what they are supposed to stand for and to represent psychologically speaking … as for me i tend to believe that what u have done in terms of style and colors are just not matching and not coherent either …

8- contrast
u have a few small contrast issues with some texts , like footer ones that are not sprinting out enough indeed

9- global looks
the thing looks austerous indeed and this is not much what companies are expecting for in my view …

in a nutshell u have violated almost all basic design principles indeed , there is no way u could make it in this place with such conditions …


While I do understand where you are coming from, I tend to work on the same principal as reviewers i.e.

  • If an item is close (in my view) then I will point out the specifics

  • If it’s simply too far off, (no disrespect to this example above or any others on here), then I struggle to see the value.

It’s not about not wanting to help people fix stuff -

a) if someone has submitted an item which is a long stretch from the standard, then they must have felt it was right. Would they then suddenly truly be able to comprehend technical feedback to the required level to correct it? Could this not end up being more frustrating for everyone.

To use your feedback as an example…

This is entirely right. However, the typography here that needs work beyond the pairings and including font choices, hierarchy, alignment, contrast, styling, line height, etc. and I wonder what level of feedback and subsequent understanding is required to make that clear?

b) again with respect to everyone, there needs to be a clear line between making suggestions to improve, and effectively teaching someone basic design or coding principals.

It is interesting though that your point is the perfect example of why reviewers shouldn’t be expected to give feedback on every item – although that is a separate discussion!

Hi @n2n44 thanks a lot for detailed explanation about my design i will really helps to improve my work.
thanks again

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hello there - you can pay me and I will make every flyer for you - approve quarantee :smiley: hehehehehehehehe

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hi there:

you need play more design in photoshop and also you see for example other designs flyer approved for can give ideas but you not can copy all other design original but you can copy only elements (for example: only title about copy other design, later more designs flyer for can copy element title “why choose”, etc) maybe will approved.


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LOL what i like the most with u Paul in your natural - innate i might add- modesty lol

thanks for helpful suggestions :slightly_smiling_face:

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