My Flyer Design has recently rejected

hi buddy, sorry i will dare a joke, but pls do not take it personally, this is just to smile, ok? so here we go: “did u train with luciano benetton or something?” lol more seriously, what i try to explain in a colorful way is that u have a bit of an issue with colors and that there is a lack of harmony directly resulting from this part …

u also have to pay attention to the spacing , in particular with teh texts on top of the big central green area , u need to leave more space between side lines and the text so that there is a “breathing”, taking the left side texts a bit farther on the right would be welcome too

your main title definitely is not popping out enough … the font is too flat and u are very far from having contrast enough with the background … either the positioning is not good or this is the way u display the title on the background like this and failing to make it pop out

the typo part is definitely a bit too flat and your hierarchy of information could better, u have to keep in mind basic design principles, it will help u understand what u need to target in terms of objectives

contact us is not well centered in the banner and teh spacing between the third part (green orange) and the footer is not even … besides this part is going to give eye ache to a lot of guys here lol the color combination could hardly be worst , sorry to say just this , but this is how i feel. U need to refer to complementary colors this will help u

the fake logo is not impressive enough to give additional visual value to your item and let’s face it once again this introducing a problem in terms of harmony of colors as the color u used is no where to found elsewhere in your flyer …

the pictures in the vignettes do not seem to make a whole, the style differs from one to the other and this is contributing to make your item lack harmony indeed

to sum up u have much to do , especially when it comes to colors, harmony and respecting design principles, keep on doing your best try to fix and if u do what it takes it maybe ok