Anyone Help this Item, Rejected Why?

hi there:

Your design flyer is basic bad typography, etc etc but you wait other author @n2n44 he know more that I he will help you many thanks.


Overall it’s very flat, you used two different styles of palm trees, the spatter in the background is lower resolution than the rest, the colours are very flat and lack contrast that would help make it pop, the fonts themselves are uninteresting, and the effects on them arent very appealing. You have plenty of space on the poster, so space out the text a bit more and let each line breathe.

hi, as for me , i tend to agree with some of what @XioxGraphix said … one of the things i agree the most with is as regard to lacking harmony and for typo to be too flat right now

the typo could definitely improved by trying to value some information, introducing boldness and so on , combining fonts a bit more as well. At this stage, the hierarchy of information is far from good enough and indeed nothing is really popping out much apart maybe from the two central texts. The worst thing is when it comes to the name of the club … try to figure this out, the club is promoting itself through the flyer , in this case, they are sort of a rather coming after all this … name of the event (normal in this case), date and dj names …

still more or less related to typo, words are definitely failing to contrast enough from the background and with the type of background u have under , some information are even pretty hard to read to say the least and are clearly not popping out

u also have a problem with the date banner , all had to be redone completely about this one , whether this is about spacing , alignment , colors and hierarchy . This same issue of spacing , u can find it in the header , too and as regard to the spacing between the edge and the composition … this is uneven and the space is not used well enough , u need to introduce more space between club name and “present”, at this time, this is not “breathing”

same goes with the central titles in a way … why having there colors that are nowhere to be seen otherwise?

for me the biggest issue though is in terms of harmony … the background is just not working all in my view … as the rather grunge style is rather hard to understand “theme wise” but most importantly colors are not valuing anything at all and are not complementary in any way … the grey color is introducing an additional mess and fail in terms of harmony