Point me please Why is this flyer reject?

Please note me why this flyer is getting reject and what is the most reason for any rejection?


Need to improve the overall design, spacing, font, typography. make it different something new.

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Thank you but there are many many designs they don’t fill minimum requirements i saw they got approve and sell.

welcome. Yes but day by day quality standard improving for categories. You can update and more variations. Good luck :slight_smile:

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hi buddy , indeed difficult to understand how u did organize this flyer … u spread some texts everywhere and the eye doesn’ manage to get to understand where it is supposed to focus and so on … (have you ever heard about Z-shape reading? the result is that your item is hardly readable and looks disorganized.

in addition the choice of the green text is not good in my view this is not matching at all with the rest of the flyer.

The model is far from attractive already and even more in such a context … not to mention that the fake logo is just horrible if u ask me , sorry to say just that but i just want to point that every detail matters and even somnething that is meant to be replaced is not a small deal indeed, u need to take time to make a decent one so that it does not ruin the preview of your item and makes people (reviewer included) that the thing does not look good enough

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Thank you.

Typography is an issue here. The “DJ LOGO” , “Free Drink” , “Start from 9 P.M” is a very small and the font doesn’t look amazing.

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Ok, that’s a good suggestion. Thank you.