My flyer has been rejected

Hi can you help me
I have no clue why this flyer had rejected!

This is the project [Google Drive Link]
(Dj Flyer - Google Drive)

With respect - typography is not good esp the Dj Flyer title, and general hierarchy.

the wave background behind the person doe snot fit with the main background image

feels like lots of components that do not quite belong together


Thank you
you seem right
I will keep that in mind when I create a new one.
I thought it was rejected because it was just a flyer and not inspired by a kind of a specific music genre or art.

hi, in my view, u should push u the model and the central shape, maybe even the “dj flyer” too. I recommend that u change flyer by a name or something like this. The bottom parti of the flyer looks very busy as opposed to the upper one, which means that u have a problem of global balance indeed. apart from Friday night, the texts do not look super attractive and seem to like finesse overall, if u ask me. The main title should pop out more. At the moment, there is a real lack of contrast, while this is expected to really be seen , noticed and being punchy. I would advice that u dodge the edges of the model so that the lighting looks more realistic and that there is a positive impact on the whole design. Pls do not forget to pay attention about alignment … this is not a small deal, this is a basic design principle. The global hierarchy of information is a bit flat, otherwise. It would take more levels and that more text elements, for instance pop out. Finally I tend to believe that there is a lack of additional value on the background at this stage. That u are required to put a bit more effort into it so that u can generate more wow effect and more desire to have the thing accepted and ultimately purchased