Why my Night Club Flyer got rejected?

I submitted ten designs but all got rejected. Here is my today design which was also rejected by the quality team. They do not give any solid reason for rejection.

I think the design doesn’t meet the standards of quality, you can see some references as a comparison of current market needs. See as a reference for your next work, this is what the market needs Flyer Templates

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That doesn’t look like a premium item to be sold at the marketplace as @butirmantra suggested.


Beside lots of graphic design issues your model looks like she need a doctor not a party.


hi I think that u have to keep in mind that the design is supposed to be appealing and make people feel like going to the event. Here this is super dark and this is quite impossible to identify what is the theme. Almost exclusively dj information are springing out a bit and there is definitely no stress being placed on the club, which is relegated to secondary information indeed. Most of the buyers may look forward to highlighting the place as well as the event, also for marketing purposes. Apart from this, sorry to say just this, pls do not take it personally, but there is simply nothing new whatsoever here. Same disposition, torn paper, model, background type and so on, than in countless other flyers. U do not offer sort of an extra value here. Otherwise, the dodging of the model is too raw so that this is looking pretty unrealistic as well. This is a bit choking too, as there is too little space between the top margin and the header and the bottom margin and the footer. I assume also that u can understand that once u take out the model, there is little left to be included in the main zip file for the purchase to look really worth the drive

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I will never take it personally. Being a designer I know the importance of suggestions from experts. I will work hard to improve my design skill. Thanks for contributing!

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