NightClub Flyer

Rejected… again… WHY!!!
Night Club Flyer

Probably the problem is the type is lacking character, it’s a bit plain looking for this kind of theme I guess. Graphically it’s quite simple as well, nightclub flyers should be a bit more dynamic. Probably overall the design will look much better if you get the text looking great and add some more colours as well.

IMO, there is no balance between text and background. You should play with colours as well.

Font is the problem? If so, what can i do more?
btw: i have more to work until i get this flyer aproved?

I just gave you my suggestions on what I would do with the design.

It was just my suggestion but what you do with it, it’s just your business :slight_smile:

I mean what can i do more on Fonts ,you took me wrong :grinning:

hi buddy, the other guys are right, this is not bad and some not any better items are accepted but for this matter , this is not exactly good enough all the same, u need to make sure that u make the thing more outstanding indeed , font wise as well as when it comes the background, this is a bit simple and empty actually

Hi @Ainkiwi,

in my opinion it is not a bad start even tho it should be worked out more.

Your flyer is lacking in Typography and hierarchy which is the main problem.



Thanks to all of you for your reponse :grinning: