Give me feedback about my Flyer

hi, was this one hard rejected already? well this looks rather strange for me as , if so, way lower quality things are let go on regular basis , if u ask me. Though, this does not mean that the design is absolutely perfect and that there are not things that u could possibly improve indeed. the ftc of the matter is that , according to me, probably the major thins that there is to say about this work is that the “nights” title is not properly popping out, which either does not make much sense according to te fact that this is a title , but , at the same time, this is impacting either hierarchy, contrast and readability and of course this is not welcome , especially when it comes to contrast, as let me remind u off the fact that contrast is basic design principle and thus should not be taken lightly …
i also tend to believe that there is a slight discrepancy between top and bottom parts and that the footer is too compact at this stage and the text in it is “choking” due to the lack of white space … bringing up the whole footer and making sure that there is more space between the footer and the bottom margin would definitely improve your job significantly
the positioning of the header and date texts may not be the best choices too , this is breaking the general harmony that u had created otherwise
finally i think that the turntable part should be a little bit more outstanding , at least part of it , especially if u intend yo have the item used as a dj flyer because at the moment, with the very discrete turntable like this, it rather looks like a hiphop competition or club event
the thing is that this is a cool base to work with, if u can fix these issues, this may be ok for u to have your creation accepted

Hi, yes refused, there are many designs like mine, the flaws you see are also present in other flyers, I understand what quality should be, the placement of the designs will not be in the same mold, right? I thought I made a mistake in the HTML description, Did I edit and reload the HTML description

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no there is no issue as description or whatever as for i know , this belongs to soft rejections normally … :slight_smile: