Why my flyer is not approve ? Please feedback thanks

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There are too many similar flyers already approved.

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For me I find the overall design to be relatively well structured, maybe more originality would give a boost to the graphics.

The logo leaves a little desired in terms of form especially when it comes to creativity. For the font, it would be more judicious to have two choices in order to differentiate the titles from the descriptions, all the fonts cannot settle these constraints by using only one.

The title seems to float and lacks consistency, it should perhaps be given more impact in order to raise the design and better catch the readers.

For the photos that present your item, I would have seen the opposite, in my opinion the one where there is the group of people would have better seller and catchy for your flyer.

Finally, lightly resolve the technical problems of spaces which can sometimes reduce the chances of acceptability and the text content must be able to breathe to give better readability of the text and possibly the visibility of the text plays an important role, white text on a background yellow may not be the best deal.

Good luck.


thankyou for respons :slight_smile:

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hi this is not bad but this is globally needing to have several things fixed at the moment …
1- contrast
the title is not popping out as expected and not super readable as expected , especially as this is crossing a picture and the background in some part is not that contrasting with the text
2- header and footer
both are globally placed too close from margins so that the thing is actually breathing and looking good as expected
3- typo
well the needs improvement if u ask me, this needs more variations, more font combinations and more originality touches, as well as a central font being more readable in some places , too
4- icons
they re not bringing anything o the table graphic design wise and the fact of the matter is that they are not popping out until u can ask yourself why they are there .,.
5- alignment
block of texts are not equally placed in both side of each margin and this creates misharmony
6- hierarchy
having the black text in the yellow bullet is making the secondary text look better and more readable than the main title , which is everything but logical indeed

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Thanksyou for your feedback

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u are welcome, if u have enough clues of what to do to improve your item, pls check the “solution” box :slight_smile: good work and good luck :slight_smile: