Why my flyer design is rejected

Your flyer has several issues

  1. Lack of originality. There are tones of flyers like your and many of them rejected. Check the forum for rejected flyers.

  2. Typography and hierarchy. Do not use all text alignments possible left, right, middle, full justify.

  3. Icons. You grab and use some free and old icons. Use modern and trendy icons.

  4. Fake logo. Your logo it is not powerful enough

  5. Orange and black shapes. All these shapes limit the buyer customization possibilities. What if the buyer has more text? Also these kind of shapes looks old and dusty.


Thank you

hi indeed. most of the things have been told by @DesignSomething are very relevant and i agree with most of what he mentioned indeed. Though i would rather say that "the lack of originality " in this case is rather a lack of “relief” because as for me i can see an effort in what u have here , but what is an issue for me is more likely to be that this attempt to be original has not been all the way and that u stopped in the mid of the process so to speak … since u end up basically with colorful blocks at the moment … and thus this may bring the feeling for people that u need to push the envelope graphic design wise , also so that the potential buyers feels like buying, saving time and so on …

as @DesignSomething also added, yes u have a true issue as regard to making texts in a general way and thus even more titles pop out more, be more noticed and add some relief in the end …

i also tend to believe that your icons are a bit flat and that there is a another important issue that he failed to mention in this case, this is the contrast problems bringing some readability issues to the table at the same time … i was about to forget to tell u about it , but , another important thing is about the spacing that u have between the header and the footer and the margins above or under them … u definitely need to introduce more space and breathing since , what u have right now is choking so to speak …

Thanks a lot for your valueable comment

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u are welcome if u believe that u have clues enough u can check the “solution” box , good work and good luck :slight_smile: