Flyer Hard Reject

I just want to know what can i do more to make this item approved?
its rejected by not fulfilling graphicriver minimum quality requirement.

@n2n44 Please help

hi this is a bit sad as what u have looks rather good to say the least but u have very annoying mistakes and defects here indeed. The flyer is cool, ok not super original as regard to what is being done usually but there is harmony of colors and so on. The thing is that there is a replay wrong positioning and dimensioning of texts in a general way> this is particularly true with title and subtitles. The title is placed way too close from margins until this is not breathing at all and the subtitle is really too close form the left margin indeed. This is for both upper and left margins for the title which makes things worse. Same goes with the logo, apart from being misplaced according to the z-shape reading, the way eyes sweep across the document, in other words and that determines impact zone, in other words. The logo is too big inside the restricted space here and thus too close from globally all the verges of the “bullet” it is placed in. U have a wrong calculation of available space as the dark stripes welcomes texts very easily while the categories and texts in the clearer stripe just under turn out to be very stuck out there. This looks crammed and there is a very negative impact on readability and breathing, and even attention that the concerned texts are generating indeed. The problem of spacing keep running until the bottom of the page as basically all is misplaced and not properly aligned according to the space available why is the second clearer stripe so very close like this from the first one for instance and why so much space between the second stripe and the footer , this puts u into trouble to handle the content that u have to put in all categories and stripes …contact us in the footer is no aligned to anything and this hurts the preview visually, as well. Apart from what is mainly organization issues , indeed, u have typo and hierarchy ones to a smaller extent. Typo , this is because this is clean if there was a touch of originality that would put more relief in what u have and value texts more.When it comes to the hierarchy this is also due to the fact that u have very little distinctions in terms of decoration, size, typo and so on between primary info - essential ones that need to be noticed in an instant - and the secondary ones which are just a “plus”

Thank you so much to make a very detailed review.
As i find that the main problem of my design is text spacing.
I hope you ll keep supporting me in future by providing your review on my design.

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very similar to the flyer in graphicriver

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hi no this is not, because if so a whole lot of items would no longer make it , what u mention is a condition that makes it harder to have the item accepted but if only this he could expect to have it approved all the same