Hard Rejected Flyers

I don’t know what’s the problem with those designs, can you help me to find out?
These all just hard rejected like " isn’t at the quality standard required to move forward ".
It is really strange for me. I wanted a explain for these rejections, lol.

Abstract 19 Flyer Template

Abstract 21 Flyer Template

Abstract 23 Flyer Template

Abstract 24 Flyer Template ( This is really weirdly rejected. )

Abstract 26 Flyer Template ( Rejected after 10 days. Sended at 06.10 Rejected at 16.10 )

So if there is another rejected flyer I will add to this topic.
I’m just curious that what you thinking about the designs and rejections.

Please comment below,

Personally I like your flyers. But in my opinion there are few typography issues.

Flyer 1: There are missing text info. That Lorem Impsum ruin the concept
Flyer 2: Try to blend the title into the background
Flyer 3 The info text is to close to the edges.
Flyer 4: The title font doesn’t pair with the rest of the fonts

Overall do not use Lorem Ipsum texts use real info instead and do not use justified text

Are you sure it is about typography issue?

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Maybe problems of rejects in print dementions or including files, btw need RGB for web and CMYK version for print. Resub just 1 day, edit and try again, gl))

as for i know technical issues are not a reason for hard rejection.

as for me buddy this is an issue of hierarchy of information, the most prevailing thing is the central shape when the main title should able to rival with it … i mean at least … in your version teh spacing is better but as for me, if i globally agree with what u said, i think that part of teh issue is to write on the shape and the lack of graphic element apart from the main / central shape indeed.

as for me i tend to believe that this is much of a problem not to see tis clearly the date as this is a really important element … u serach for it everywhere with teh Z-shape sweeping of the eye and when u find it after doing 2/3 of the z-shape , this is small and plainly written, so that it does not pop out