My First flyers rejected, can you help me to know what's going wrong.

I have just joined the forum following the rejection of my first flyers and the response I had from the envato team that this product does not meet the standards requirements by the platform.

1st question: could you help me to solve the technical failures for this document?
2nd question: once the problems have been resolved, can I resend this flyer for treatment?

Thanks for help.

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Frankly speaking idk since it is looking great.

The biggest issue is the typography e.g. font choices, hierarchy, etc.

Our Services content is weak and either needs more to it or to go

The / innovative etc element at the top right feels lost and lacks positioning

Two sets of contact info next to each other is a little odd and not the best use of that space

Thanks really appreciate.

I see it is more a problem of arrangement of the typography which presents discrepancies.
Thanks for the advice.

hi i see a lot of reasons for the item to be hard rejected indeed …

1- typo
well the fact of the matter is that most of the combinations are not working and some choices are not making much sense , in my view, either …

2- spacing
in several cases, u have some lines of paragraphs not being aligned appropriately indeed , make sure that u respect spaces and place the very same over and under , everywhere …

3- text dispotion
this is basically creating trouble the slanted shape and as many guys u did not really manage to overcome the problems generated by them …

4- contrast
in many cases , u have some elements being hardly readable or visible due o the lack of contrast between the concerned elements and he background, the problem is that contrast is a basic design principle and that this is essential and bring normally different trouble to the table if u have something wrong with it , and u are no exception, see what’s next

5- readability
some texts turn out to be in color too close from the background and they are thus hard to read to say the least and definitely not popping out in any case …
having texts crossing images is definitely not a good idea either if u want to make sure that these texts are readable … and / or outstanding

6- hierarchy
this a bit linked to point 5 but there are also choices that look strange if u ask me , like having the phone number being relegated to not even a secondary information status … while people using this flyer would expect customers to contact them …

7- coherence
see above , plus some paragraphs cannot be read , it this worth the drive having them in the end ? hiding the part of the face of the dark blue version makes sense? normally corporate document try to bring a “human touch” by placing easily idefnitifed photos of office working people … in this case u can only see a shirt and a tie … maybe the picture is the not the right choice , then? colors for the creative studio are really in keeping with activity codes and are not being too “dark”?

Thank you for your answer and for the time you have devoted to it, this enlightens me more and more on the reasons for the rejection which are mainly typographical, indeed an outside look allows you to take a step back from work.

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fully agreed , god work and good luck buddy :slight_smile: if u have enough clues with what to do pls check the “solution” box :slight_smile:

Ok thanks for help again.

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u are welcome :slight_smile: