Flyer Got Hard Rejected and Need a Pro Advice

Hi, these are flyers that got hard rejected. I thought they had met the quality standards for Envato, but the reviewer got this hard rejected and I don’t even know why.
Any possible explanations why my submissions got rejected?

Sorry, the last flyer was uploaded from CMYK to RGB, here is the right version:

hi i like what u have done with the second one, the composition rocks and the text put like this in the back is very efficient, however, let’s face it , if the flyer is rather good already indeed, but the typo part definitely needs a big rework if u ask me … u have both issues of positioning but also of used fonts / failure to combine fonts enough so that this is punchy and underlining the hierarchy of information , so that ultimately major texts spring out

u can rest assured though u have a very good base to work with and u are not so far being approved according to me … u have a problem of alignment in the footer, blocks look unbalanced as the spacing is not the right one

the summer one is really not as good if u ask me … the thing is that this is globally a bit empty or simple. U have an issue of text disposition, as party is badly placed according to me. The footer is a bit flat , nothing is popping out,and the disposition is original but does not look punchy or outstanding. u need to bring shadows a bit everywhere so that the thing looks realistic indeed, especially behind the leaves in the back. The date is misplaced according to me, too

Thanks, you help me a lot. I lack of feedback from professionals.

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i tell u buddy, put a bit more effort in the music night one and i am sure that u either can make it and also that once this approved, u can sell it well :slight_smile:

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Ok, I will do as best as I can. But first, I have to take a layout and typography study, I think these are my weakness in designing flyer.

no need just see what other guys do and try to analyze, then, take your time and test and combine and see how it looks, trust yourself and invest time and effort

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Yea man, that’s my point. So, is it right that the highest approved flyer design looks like the music party flyer?
I have been analyzing other designs that it is all changing based on upcoming event. If I submit a design that updates with the upcoming event, is it gonna raise the approval rates?

Hard Rejecting these was a bit excessive, however they’re not very polished.
You can find many free flyers onlines, that is why they expect much more right now alright?

The first Summer one is better than the second one for me, specially the bottom informations is put there in a boring and obvious way (DJs/price/more info) work there to create balance and rhythm.

The flyer itself might not be the reason for rejection, but maybe your overall presentation and file were amateurish to the point where the reviewer decides you need to improve your product too much.

Don’t take what you find here as a reference as what it was accepted in the past might not be accepted right now.

If I were you I wouldn’t dedicate to design flyers in 2019…I’d invest time in Keynotes or Powerpoint

What I know about delivering the file, it contains help file/documentation, well-organized and labeled layer, and when it comes to flyer, it has to be print ready. I think these requirements have been fulfilled. I was know nothing at first about delivering the file, but I do analyze on free item that GR did last month.
Is it notes to the reviewer needs to explain about the submitted file? Maybe I lack on it?
So, is there any chance that I can improve on that flyer? I have planned to do Keynotes template in the last few days. Yet, I kinda want to focus on flyer at first.

LOL for me this is the other way around, the one with the music composition is miles above the other one …