long time i get hard rejected but why?

why i got all of hard rejected! long time Preview Image-01|356x500 this flyer hard rejected


Keep in mind that the Flyer category is one of the hardest to get into, so you usually need to submit highly professional flyers.

Unfortunately your flyer is far from fitting the requirements. Everything from the colours, layout, spacing, shapes, fonts, etc. need a lot more work.

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hi , sorry to say just this but unless u really step up to the plate and take your game to the next level, rejections are going to be “your everyday life” … a lot of people do not necessarily identify this , but the fact of the matter is that this place in a general way is far from being a get-rich quick one and that , in any event, u have to pay your dues to the market … the market has got very saturated and the standards have raised many times until guys created way more impressive things have their items rejected on a regular basis … once again, sorry to mention this and pls d not take it personally , but have u have here is nowhere close from what u are expected here … even in the corporate flyer one, which is probably the most accessible one … u should think about focusing on quality instead of multiplying flyers. This is my first real advice for u … then i will get into a deeper “review” of what u have and point at what u need to improve, fix and so on …

1- global style
sorry so say just this but the fact of the matter is that what u have is neither original , nor impressive visually, or even paying attention to basics, like color combinations … this globally can be done in 10 minutes by an experienced guy …

2- commercial potential
as i mentioned a bit in point one, the thing can be redone easily and quickly by someone who simply knows photoshop tools, in other words , your item has close to no potential as who would buy a flyer like this if they do not feel like they buy a quality they can’t create or save significant time out of buying rather than doing on their own? and obviously , in such a context, why a reviewer would accept en item with close to no chance to find a customer base so that this is purchased?

3- color combinations
well sorry to say just this but not only color combinations are not working but they are not following activity codes either … u should think about theme colors, complementary colors and shades of the same colors , in other words, safe choices, as for now, what u have is breaking all rules, which can be done sometimes but for u this is simply not working here …

4- typo
this is miles away from standards here in the first place , let alone, the fact that the typo should be even stronger in an item like this where , basically there is not much graphic design … the whole typo thing is too flat, lacking relief, combinations and originality and this is bringing u to additional troubles … see point 5

5- hierarchy
as evoked in the point 4 , the typo part is nothing impressive and really flat as of now until this is reflecting hierarchy of information problems, u should have multiple defined levels of texts and u do not have this, most important and secondary texts are not identified in a glance here …

5- contrast
this is a basic design principle and thus not a small deal, some text here are not super visible due to the lack of difference been the color of the text and the color of the background … breading additional problems … see point 6

6- readability
the lack of contrast, the font choice of fonts and so on, make u face problems as regard to having texts being readable and if so why having the concerned texts?

7- elements
elements are very often too raw … like the bullet under texts, just a plain color thing

8- spacing
this is wrong in some places like between the red and blue bullet and grayish bullet , the text in between not arranged well …
spacing is particularly wrong in the red bullet part …

9- alignment
once again u violate a basic design principle and kill the credibility of what u have done by having strangely aligned texts , one of the good examples being the email which is stuck the central divider … and the block with personal info and emergency call no being aligned in any way and resulting in something not efficient not aesthetic …
u have the same problem of arrangement (vertical in this case) inside the green block

10- logo
this is just a detail but the fake logo must be outstanding also … and putting the green color into it is everything but this …

as u can see , your work is far away from being “reproach free” and there are many options for u to improve things and a whole lot of work ahead to do so …