my real estate flyer has been rejected.but why? i'm already tired.. please! help me

my flyer has been hard rejected and I can’t see why exactly. wood appreciate your help, Thank you.

hi there are a lot of reasons for the item to be rejected , actually. Let’s start dealing with these reasons but u have to analyze - in the first place - that this is nothing but logical that the item is rejected as regard to the issues that u have here, including some major ones by the way.

1- global style
let’s face it there is nothing really new in what u have to offer with this template and saturation nowadays is really an issue , lots of things like this have already been accepted in the past and this is becoming more and more difficult for such an item to make it for sale unless u manage to introduce something justifying that this is approved. In addition, I do not mean that u have not achieved to bring some harmony to the table but the fact of the matter is that the template is rather dark and this is not super compatible with the activity …
2- limited commercial potential
the first reason is of course what I have just explained but not only. Apart from this , there are all the things regarding the failures of adjusting things as they could be for a corporate item and a template, which implies that people expect u to arrange everything properly. The focus is less on creativity here than on organization, discipline, efficiency … there is the dissonance between colors and theme , too , pls see next point
3- color combination
I guess u have probably heard about theme code colors. they are sort of a base to work with, u cannot do as if it did not exist. of course u can introduce some originality about it but it haste make sense all the same … Here the black color is not super welcome. This is not selling. People would rather expect something much more lit, suggesting space , harmony and other such feelings. the dark colors tend to make the flyer inspire “choking”. The feeling is reinforced by the global organization by the way and the style rather busy or crammed , according to which area we are considering, this takes me to global organization issues, pls see next point
4- organization
there are separated issues to deal with that I am going to deal with in the next points but strictly speaking as far as organization goes, as u may see there are some information spread a bit everywhere regardless of such things as z-lay out, in other words, the way eyes sweep across the document in order to read and which determines impact zones and thus where the most important elements should be placed. Apart from the logo which is approximately well positioned , there is much to say about the rest …
5- spacing
this is a basic design principle and thus a serious issue … the space between elements is never the same so that there is material for eyes to get lost … the best example of this is that u have 22 “property features” and for both the space before and after is not the same with other contents … u cannot expect making it here with such problems, especially for a corporate item and a template , which both are synonymous with strong organization being required …
6- alignment
check things pls bt this looks like that the telephone and the sentence preceding are not aligned as expected. If so I guess u can figure out that having the item approved is more than ambitious , while u are violating another basic design principle.
7- contrast
another basic design principle , thistle I will not go as far as saying that u are violating this part but the bottom line is that the contrast offered for some elements is not good enough yet all the same. Needless to say that when u have a part of a title in green color on top of a grey background, the contrast offered is far from impressive and what is resulting is that u have some readability issues and items not popping out as expected
8- readability
of course, pls consider what I have just mentioned, but, this is not all … the typo is rather flat and introducing more variations , font combinations and some possible touches of originality would help to generate more relief and make sure that important pieces of information catch the attention while secondary information is kept for people really interested in reading …
9- hierarchy of information
this is basically what I explained in 7 and 8 but not only. Look , for instance, u have a start price, the thing is supposed to be valued and attract the user of the flyer but this is super monotonous text put on the sideway , in the mid section, in other words, this is given no exposure. the thing should rather work like a “call to action button” to use web terms, this should push people to feel like calling … when it comes to the phone number, well, this is the same issue too … there is nonimpact , fortunately enough at least this is placed in an impact zone …
10- image holder
I identify that u tried to do something that u feel like is original for this … but , in the first place this is not original as a loooooot of other people do have such shapes in there flyers too and in addition , u did not really manage to overcome the misbalance that the concerned shapes are bringing the table … u end up having one of the very few breathings in an area where this is looking strange more than any other thing. The feeling is that u simply could not handle it properly. Pls let me remind u that u can adjust the content according to your needs , as this is a template, so that u can fix this why not having 2 lines of enumerations rather than 3 and a first line with "living room , drawing room"and under 3 items instead of 4 and having the text fulfilling the gap that u have left at the moment?
11- logo
if I were , I would take some time to try to create a decent looking “fake logo” that will take your game and preview to the next level, rather than this flat nd common one that u use which tends to flatten what u have done even more …
12- choice of pictures
forme there is dissonance about it as the lighting and so on for the outside of the place is looking completely different as the inside, plus , for the vignettes , the one in the bottom right corner really looks different for lighting , hue and so on , too. This would be better if u could choose something really matching all the way