Flyer rejection. Opinions appreciated!

I recently submitted a party flyer, but it was rejected. I think maybe is because of the typography, but I don’t know what could be wrong with it, to me it looks okay. What do you think?

Fonts is fine, but the overall design is too basic, and the main header may also be another reason?

good luck.


lt me laugh Shane, there are tons of these which make and this one for some reason impossible to identify would not be able to make when tons of others do lol , i am also sorry to say just that but there could be , as regard to what we have here , only a matter of typo and sorry again to say just this but typo is not a legitimate issue to hard reject … this is just a way to decrease the flow of submissions … (what about hiring new reviewers with the very high fees that we leave on every single sale?!), this should be a soft rejection OR this kind of simply items should all be hard rejected too … but this is not what happens as envato is expecting all people to do minimalistic things like that!

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@n2n44 @tmcom thanks for the feedback. I’m going to make a few adjustments and try again. I really don’t know what reviewers want because some of my items were accepted and they had a “basic” design. And on items where I really put some effort, they were rejected :confused:

do not lose your courage and keep on fighting, i am sure that u will do good :slight_smile: