Rejected Flyer! i need your opinion

Hi, could you help me to know why this design has been rejected? Thanks in advance!

and where is design ? :slight_smile:


Hi, @Ycdp… I think may be because of the preview file has some quality issues… try making it more professional and appealing then try again. By the way is it hard reject or soft reject?


@KCMediaOfficial Thanks for answering. They rejected me with hard rejection… Do you mean this one?

This image upload it here in the forum so you can see how the template would look if the client bought it. But this image did not upload it when the template was going up for revision.
This is the preview image of the template you upload for the review

I already upload the design here in the forum for you to see it because i had not loaded it

So the item is accepted after doing some change in preview ?

It was not accepted, I did not change it in the preview

Already rectify

okey , i really don’t understand , because my item also rejected :confused:

@Moryas Honestly, I do not know why they rejected it, I’m not that expert. it looks good👍

@Ycdp with respect the the flyer design is very basic, lacks uniqueness to make it compete in a hugely competitive catoegry, and has issues in fundamentals esp. typography and attention to detail.

For example - the second paragraph on the right - why is there an indent?

@Moryas the design looks pretty good. Not sure about the italic phone number where it is.

Did you submit it all correctly? E.g documentation etc?

It may not be enough on its own and you will probably need other sizes, layouts etc to make it more premium

Thank You

okey i’ll test that , thank you so much Charlie4282

I would also change the steam, (color) since it looks more like you have packed in a few cigerettes in with the Hamburger.


it doesn’t work , Whyyyyyy themeforest is complicated , i don’t konw what to do :confused:

you can check the image of my project here :