Your Opinion on this Rejected Flyer

I’m working on a series of flyers.

The first one was approved, this design here:

But this one here has just been rejected (quality not good enough):

So I would love to hear some opinions. Why do you think the Easter Egg one was rejected? I thought it was at least as good as the other one.

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Nice colors, I like both of them
if was better if u added them for one submission
like a flyer package

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I would bundle them together later for sure, but I think these should be fine as different items as there are distinct differences. The reviewer hasn’t said otherwise. So I’ve made some small tweaks on the Easter Egg one and submitted it again. Hopefully it’ll be approved. If not, I really don’t understand. I’ve browsed the flyers category a lot lately and I’m quite sure I’m working to a good enough standard.

Hi ToivoMedia,
i also have the same issue as yours, but mine is logo template. First one got accepted as the next got rejected.
As for your rejected flyer, my suggestion is :

  • add more people on the garden field, probably carrying basket looking for that egg, just only few people so it wont disturb the bottom content
  • maybe put decorative on the big egg will add uniqueness and differentiate from previous flyer
  • maybe remove the bicycle guy and the street lane to remove the similarity from previous flyer
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Thanks for the feedback. I’ve actually just reworked the flyer and sent it to review. Rejections always end up pushing me to improve, and with this one I realised that parts of the text weren’t good enough. I think the rejection was based on quality only, I don’t think reusing some elements from a previous design is a problem as long as there are enough aspects of the design that are unique. I decided to keep it simple and work on a better typography layout. Typography is by far the hardest part of design for me, but I’m still improving and I’m much happier with the new design than the original. We’ll see if it gets approved this time.

Here’s the new design:

yes, i hope it will get approve too,
the way i see it, it is unique because it is a full vector designed flyer. i haven’t decide to do full vector for my submission before. if you get approval, probably will inspire me to do so.

It’s been approved. :slight_smile:

that’s good news :smiley: GLWS


Very nice to see this flyer approved,
how you did to get it approved ?

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Thanks. I improved the typography and it got approved. I’m still learning and improving with typography, and I realised the main titles weren’t very good. The styling, the font choice and especially the layout all needed to be reworked.

Hi guys, my latest flyer in this series has been rejected. It’s similar to other ones that were accepted, so I don’t know why this one was rejected for quality reasons? Is it garbage? Why the sudden rejection after so many similar ones getting approved? Any thoughts welcome. :blush: