Please help me, I’ll be accepted?


I submitted over 15 flyers and all has been rejected. This time I strove more and I want to know if it is good and if you think it will be accepted. Thanks a lot for helping!


The main problem here is your typography. Your fonts doesn’t pair well. Choose fonts that pair well from here
Along with this typography issue from what I see in your preview image that big yellow ticket have low resolution. Another issue is that all your elements are to close to the flyer’s edges. And finally the overall design / composition is outdated. So unfortunately this will be rejected.


Thanks for advices. I modified it , now how it is?


I saw you did some changes but you need to change that outdated look and feel and work on information hierarchy.

Here are some examples of travel / holiday flyers that I like.


Thanks. I want to be accepted my flyer , please help me. Now how it is?


I personally liked the first flyers main fonts or headers, and would recommend changing the subfonts to align it with the headers.

And cut back on the left, right thing.the second image has too much of an angle to it.

Good luck.

PS don’t do a ton and send them in, best to do one at a time it will improve your odd’s.

Only seasoned marketers can get away with bulk entry’s.