My Logo and Flyer has been rejected

My 2 logos and 2 flyers been rejected. I followed all instructions and tutorial from youtube but after all of those submitted, they were rejected, wish someone will help me to recover it.

Regarding your flyer. That typo (fonts you choose) simply ruin everything.

Thanks for your feedback. why they are not informing me to change that font! And what is your opinion about that logo design?

If your item is hard rejected the reviewer will not tell you why. This is it here. Only if you get soft rejected the reviewer will tell you what to improve.

About your logo. It is too simple. You need stylize more your sign to look like a mountain combined with an A. Also the font for your logo name doesn’t pair with the font that you use for your sign.

You need to learn typography. How to pair fonts, fonts style, hierarchy etc. Majority of rejections here are based on typography issues.

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Thanks for your valuable advice about logo design, wish it will help me to next step of my logo design. and this is very sad for me about my designed flyer was rejected because of that font…

for the flyer, i think that this is an issue and u rightfully mentioned about it , though there are some others, too

1- the typo is lacking combination
thus side information and more central information are not different , the impact on hierarchy simply brings the eye to get lost and for the information to be lost in the process. The eye of people in most populations is naturally sweeping across the flyer following a z-shape from top left to bottom right, important thus have to be placed according to this and the central fix point in the mid of the item … at this stage we end up on sideway information and it makes very little sense …

2- the disposition of the text in wooden boards is uneven
this either does not look aesthetic not realistic and most importantly again are hardly readable

3- lack of contrast between backgrounds and texts
this is violating one of design’s basic principles, texts are not popping out from the background and get hard to read, so unuseful in the end, so to speak …

4- the colors are not well chosen
the colors for a board are simply “unreal” and thus no one “can buy it” , options for a style making a darker wood texture coming above the board would have been a much better idea indeed

5- very much of a lack of space for personal information
let’s face it , there is a huge issue when it comes to information as people are having no space at all to put their personal information, put their logo, a website and all the other things that people may feel necessary

6- good composition but not practical and rather unbalanced
the thing is that there is a good base to work with the thing is globally very harmonious and well arranged but there is a lack of space in the back for information and the space left on top is comparatively too big, there is a bit the feeling of “an overcrowded” footer …

7- shadows need a bit more work
there is something that can be perfected as regard to shadows, some need to be dropped here and there for the composition to be more realistic , especially when it comes to wooden boards, when the cross each other and the small ones come over the central one

hi for the logo , i agree with @DesignSomething about most of what he said. I though like what u have done, i just tend to believe that u should have a small white partition in the illustration part so that people can more easily read a on top and m under
but for me the major issue is not related to design itself or any technical issue … but rather indeed to the very concept of what u have done … think about it … the kind of job u created implies that the company interested in what u have done must have a combined name of 2 words and starting both by a and m … if they do not, the commercial potential of this one is close to 0. Sorry to say just this, but why would people that do not have names to match with initials would buy this item? the illustration alone has kind of nothing extraordinary , this keeps being a simple one if u wish and if people need such a thing they would quickly do on their own and thus save money … u have to make sure that what u have done is making people save time and that they prefer buying rather than doing themselves … (especially when it comes to resellers)

@DesignSomething and @n2n44, thank you for your valuable advice and also instruction for the process of work. Actually, I am new in this place. after several rejections, I was a little bit confused. but I will not stop, I will try harder, with your information and guideline will help me to reach success. Thank you again…

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yeah u have to be aware buddy that here this is always tougher and that giving up is definitely an option, u need to try to bring your game to the next level all the time, so just work hard and do your best and i guess everything will be ok, feel free to send some things here if u wish, u can also send me PM and i will try to help u if want feedback :slight_smile: at this stage , keep in mind that u have a good base to work with, fix some things and try again, u definitely have a chance to make it in my view