Why this flyer got rejected??

Could you please tell me what’s wrong with this flyer template?
This item got rejected. What you guys think about this flyer, tell me the problem I’ll try to fix it.
Thanks in advance

With respect -

  • Typography is way off in terms of font choices, combinations and hierarchy

  • The footer area needs work esp on the first option as the social icons are way too small to read and neither set of info is aligned or spaced correctly

  • It’s odd that the 4 circles align to the content in the second version but not the first

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Thank’s for your feedback I’ll try my best for recreating this :slightly_smiling_face:

hi i personally prefer the first one but in both of them u have mad the very same mistakes indeed. In a general way , nothing is really outstanding among the information and u definitely need to improve the hierarchy of information , thus to make sure that titles, services and prices are popping out much much more …

the text and typo are not very readable

the top shape is not perfect in terms of execution and this is basically lacking some relief or originality that makes u offer a bit more graphic design. At this stage this is in a general way very basic but in particular for the top part indeed. If y take out all pictures , u end up having a file with nothing too much but the problem is that this is what people would get in case it was approved and buyers would buy it …

there is a true effort about the fake logo this is good but the tagline is neither readable, matching or harmonious wit the rest unfortunately …

in the first example, the logo is better placed (z-shape reading process) but in the second one the footer in a general way is better

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Thank you so much. It is really a lot information for improvement. I’ll try to fix these problem’s.

well this is better to know what u may have to fix in one time so that u can keep all this in mind …

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Wasted too much space i think. It makes the text look small but clean. Main problem is this design is not unique anymore.

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