[Why what is missing] Your item, Night Party Flyer, has been rejected‏‏

I hope the experts can help me, what can I do more?
I expect that I have already done a lot of work here, really and a lot of effort, but for the second time in a row I receive rejection in a different flyer design .

-Where is the cornerstone, where is the error, what is really missing?

Thank you for your submission. We have completed our review of "Night Party Flyer" and unfortunately we found it isn't at the quality standard required to move forward, and you won't be able to re-submit this item again.

There is nothing original that triangle behind model was overused. On top of this typography looks dull.

well I see a lot of different potential problems indeed, that may justify the rejection. First of all the hierarchy looks rather randomly done , while this is very important … u have to make sure that the right things really pop out and are visible in the blink of the eye and that secondary information looks like so. The essential information answers those questions " what, where, when …" and the associated information must really be readable, as outstanding as it make get and definitely contrast well with the background. At the moment, what u have, does not actually. there is a a real issue of style and theme really not being matching so well so to speak. This flyer looks like “cyber punk style” but the way u materialized it does not indeed. If u analyze how this style is working u will have a lot of fluo and shining elements from the back. Right now in your work this is pretty dark overall and the few lights that u have do not look super realistic or logical … I recommend that u just get to see Nemanja Sekulic 's channel and try to see his cyber punk video, u will easily identify what I am talking about … Apart from this, the typo is pretty basic and definitely not in keeping with the style and themed that u have been trying to create. Why also “separating” “Friday” and “night” when they are both sort of the same block? because , if u ask me the direct result and consequence is that u have had some additional hierarchy related troubles to the table by doing so … there would be much more to improve indeed, but think that if u fix all that I mentioned already , u will take your game to the next level

Hello my friend, your response is interesting, I will take this into account, thank you

This is really what I say about it. It is a fruitful and wonderful response. I really benefited. I will look at the channel and the video referred to. I will definitely take your words seriously and think and deepen in the next design. You are really amazing. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I hope to benefit from all your directions

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I think the main title in this project is badly displayed. Should it be either bigger or in one line?

The date of the event is completely invisible. It all blends into one stain that is really hard to see.

If you increase the title, the club address should be much lower. Closer to the bottom edge.

I have the impression that the pattern imposed on the entire pattern can also be a certain aesthetic problem.

What the reviewer meant was that texts are hardly visible on different devices. It is nowhere verified what are the minimum values for such a text, so you have to try different solutions.

All in all, I think in the foreground you need to change the typography to a bigger one, first of all the title.

The person in the background should be larger as well, and the event date and club name should be closer to the side edges of the layout.

Good luck :slight_smile: