Flyer Rejection, feedback?

I recently submitted a Golden Party Flyer, but it was hard rejected, any ideas why? I think it looks good, maybe the background is a little bit plain, but not a reason for hard rejection.
Thanks for the feedback

hi buddy, indeed this is not bad but in my view there are definitely some things that u have to improve to take your item to the next level. First of all, probably the most important thing is that your hierarchy of information is “dysfuntional” , u turn out to have one of the major things , the club name, being almsot invisible indeed. It looks like a detail at this stage, when try to think about it , someone who wants to promote their club, they want it to pop out for sure … this and the themes are teh main things to highlight.

for me the date banner is not placed the right way and most importantly is bringing something unaesthetic to the table (the repetition is not helpful in this case), u should rather drop it indeed. To tell u how i feel , as for me i would transform what u have done this way. I would put the name of the dj with a different font (maybe the one u used for “vinyl”) where u have the date at this time and i would put a smaller version of the date banner just under “vinyl” and i would push the footer texts slightly down

u also have to realize that the mockup previews that u have put in your item preview are not efficient, they are not making your item look better , they rather look distorted …

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Thanks for the quick reply, I agree with the date thing, putting it below ‘vinyl’, but I don’t think the DJs names would look good in a script font, though I will try it. And are you saying that I should put the Djs names where the date banner is?

well this is just to match but if u ask me i personally think that trying another font is a better idea, too but for this u need to experiment what looks good … and yeah i think so … besides if i were u i would put only one dj name , not too … the most important thing is that u create a space for this … ifpeople need two they will adapt on their own …

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Yes, I’ll experiment and see what i can come up with. The thing is that I’ve seen flyers in the market where the club name is like mine, small and at the top, and they still get accepted, so sometimes I don’t know what to follow.

yeah there are i cannot say teh opposit … now think abiut it … u think that a club would like their name to be almost invisible? lol they want to be promoted :slight_smile:

Yes, you’re right, that’s what the club wants. So I made some changes the design, following your advice, what do you think about it?

well u are just hakf way but for me this is clearly much better … if u wish , just send me the layered version and i will show u what i meant

Ok, thanks, I would but I don’t have your email

Rejected again :confused:

I’ll just move on with another project and see.

hi sorry to read just this Nicolas … indeed, u did yoir best and the thing may have been about teh concept … a friend of mine had told me he was not sure about the incrusted cityscape on the disk and these sorts of things … i just suggest u to find another place where to post indeed … this is better this way and try tomsething else for here …

Yes, I don’t understand much about this market haha, but I’ll keep making other things.
Thanks for your help.

there is nothing to understand buddy , this is why a lot of guys are pretty mad sometimes … they just forget that all guys in town are not newbies who are not knowing anything abut design and thus that they see the kind of crazy incoherence that they bring to the table with reviewing … reviewing is necessary but when quality control ends up having more and more very good items being hard rejected and the same old poor things keep on going through there is definitely something dysfunctional

have a look at what they hard rejected today …